This New Steam Deck Accessory Gives Your System A Game Boy Color Glow-Up

This Game Boy Color-inspired Steam Deck shell brings me back.


JSAUX, an independent electronics accessories supplier, prides itself in releasing products that improve tech owners' experiences. This week features a product that might pique Steam Deck owners' interest, especially if they also have a history with Nintendo.

On June 2, JSAUX promoted its latest Kickstarter for the OmniCase 2 on Reddit. In the same post, JSAUX announced that it would be releasing a "number of new accessory lines" for the Steam Deck. It included a photo of one of the accessory prototypes, which looked suspiciously like a front plate that matches their Game Boy Color-like transparent back plate for the Steam Deck.

JSAUX already released a translucent Steam Deck back plate that's live on its official website and Amazon. If this is really a front plate, then fully clear-colored Steam Decks might soon be a reality. All that's left to do is wait for the confirmation.

If you're curious about the JSAUX Transparent Back Plate for Steam Deck, you can actually get it on sale right now. It comes in many translucent colors reminiscent of early Nintendo consoles and controllers. You can buy one plate for about $25, or buy a bundle that includes a plate and a cooling fan for about $45 total. The JSAUX Transparent Back Plate also comes with three sets of rear buttons that the owner can customize based on their preference. The buttons' different heights affect how the Steam Deck feels while playing.

As per the official listing, this is the full list of parts included with each JSAUX Transparent Back Plate:

  • 1 Transparent back plate
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 Disassembler stick
  • 1 Thermal grease (attached to back plate)
  • 4 Original edition buttons
  • 4 Lower buttons
  • 4 Higher buttons
  • 16 Button screws
  • 10 Back plate screws
  • 10 Anti-static finger gloves

Both listings have the back plate discounted right now. You need to apply the promo code on the official listing, but Amazon has it already automatically applied. It just depends where you'd rather buy from. After that, all that's left to do is enjoy the translucent view of your hard work and wait for a front plate announcement.

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