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This New Racing Game Is Like F-Zero Crossed With Splatoon

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Paint the track at high speeds.

If you've ever thought that Splatoon's paint-the-map gameplay would be fun at high speeds, then Trailblazers might be of interest. The debut game from developer Supergonk pits teams of three cars against each other to paint as much of a track as possible--in other words, it looks like a cross between Splatoon and F-Zero.

In the embed above, you can see some of what Trailblazers has to offer. Its core gameplay looks pretty novel: you and teammates paint the track, and driving over your paint grants you and your teammates a speed boost. You can also cast paint out in front of you, which can be used to temporarily stun opposing racers. Your goal is still to complete the race first, but it's in your team's best interest to get as long of a paint trail as possible so you can get the biggest speed boost.

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It's nice to see another arcade-style racing game in the works, especially since it's been a long time since new Wipeout and F-Zero games have been released. From this first glimpse, Trailblazers definitely looks promising.

The game is slated for release sometime this spring. It's coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC; the developer has yet to announce a price.

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