This New Netflix Series Teaches You How To Fall Asleep

Is it really that bad to look at your phone before bed? Do you actually need 8 hours? A new series will dig into these topics and more.


Netflix has announced a new docuseries that aims to help people learn more about sleep. The show is called "Headspace Guide To Sleep," and it's produced by the popular app Headspace, which previously released a meditation show for Netflix.

The Headspace Guide To Sleep series digs into fact and tips about sleep that are "backed by science," according to Netflix. The series will touch on things like whether or not looking at your phone before bed is really bad for your sleep and if you need a full eight hours at night.

"With mindfulness and meditation, this series will give you the tools you need to get a good night's sleep... and wake up ready to take on the day," Netflix said.

The animated series has seven, 15-minute episodes, each one taking on a different component to sleep. As The Hollywood Reporter reminds us, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in 2017 that sleep was one of Netflix's biggest competitors.

"You get a show or a movie you're really dying to watch, and you end up staying up late at night, so we actually compete with sleep," he said at the time. "And we're winning."

Some believe that too much time spent on screens before bed contributes to bad sleep, so it'll be interesting to see what the Netflix series has to say about that given Netflix is in the business of encouraging you to watch more and more TV all the time.

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