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This Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Bundle Is Hugely Discounted, Works With PS4 And Switch

The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro is an awesome device that contains more than 20 classic SNK games and works as an arcade stick for PS4, PC, and Switch.


The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro is the latest mini console from SNK, the company behind great fighting game franchises like King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and Samurai Shodown. It contains 20 fighting games across these franchises and more as well as some additional free games you can download and install on your console. It also has the ability to connect to a PC and be used as an arcade stick--and with a Gamelinq adapter, you can connect it to PS4 and Switch. Amazon's currently got an excellent deal on a Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro bundle for $100, down from $190, which includes that adapter and an HDMI cable. It comes with free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro is compatible with the Neo Geo Mini's controllers, allowing you to plug them into the stick and play the games on a TV. Of course, you can also play single-player with the Arcade Stick Pro itself. It boasts 720p output and a 3.5mm jack for headphones.

Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro with Gamelinq adapter and HDMI cable

$100 ($190)

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How the Gamelinq adapter works is by plugging it into your PS4 or Nintendo Switch. You then use a USB-A cable to connect the Gamelinq adapter and Arcade Stick Pro. If you're interested in only using it on PC, then no adapter is required. It also works without an adapter on the Neo Geo Mini.

Among the 20 included fighting games is the excellent Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Samurai Shodown II, and Fatal Fury Special as well as The King of Fighters series from '95 to 2002. These all come pre-loaded, but if you want to unlock even more, SNK is releasing a couple free games every month. These hidden games include Super Sidekicks, Shock Troopers, and the Metal Slug series.

Art of FightingKizuna Encounter
Fatal Fury SpecialThe Last Blade 2
Fatal Fury 3Ninja Masters
Garou: Mark of the WolvesSamurai Shodown II
The King of Fighters '95Samurai Shodown III
The King of Fighters ’97Samurai Shodown IV
The King of Fighters ’98Samurai Shodown V Special
The King of Fighters ’99World Heroes 2
The King of Fighters 2000World Heroes 2 Jet
The King of Fighters 2002World Heroes Perfect
Metal Slug*Metal Slug 2*
The Last Blade*Shock Troopers*
Fatal Fury*League Bowling*
Savage Reign*Metal Slug 3*
Super Sidekicks*Metal Slug X*
The Super Spy*Ninja Combat*

*indicates unlockable game

The Arcade Stick Pro has a bunch of games that are sure to keep you busy while stuck at home, but if you're interested in more ways to kill the time during isolation, then there are a lot of free games you can claim right now. Developers and publishers have been giving away their titles in an effort to help those in quarantine. If you want even more suggestions, then GameSpot also has a great guide to the best TV, movies, and games for social distancing.

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