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This Mod Makes Skyrim Look Like a Pixar Movie

Skyrim: Pixar Edition.


The modding community around Skyrim is well known for creating interesting, expansive, and weird mods for the game. A new mod might be one of the coolest visual upgrades, however: one modder has made the game look just like a cartoon movie.

Reddit user UniqueUses made the graphics mod, which looks a bit like it's inspired by Pixar movies. The way it works is pretty straightforward: UniqueUses basically took out most textures in the game and reworked them in the low-detail, almost cell-shaded look of cartoon movies. The modder calls it "Toon Skyrim," and it's looking really nice so far. You can see a gallery of some screenshots of it below:

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UniqueUses has run into some trouble trying to get faces to look good, however. The mod is still very much in progress, and the creator has turned his attention to getting character models working with the new textures. The modder has also paid special attention to signs and trees, which needed some extra work to be compatible with the cartoon look.

As one commenter on the mod's gallery pointed out, the new style looks similar to the oil-painting appearance of Telltale games. In my opinion, this probably isn't far off from what a Telltale Elder Scrolls series would look like.

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