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This Massive and Inexplicably Popular Banana Game Adds New Skins

More people are playing this game than Elden Ring right now.


The strange Banana game released back in April has received a new lineup of skins--or are they peels? Other skins have been removed from the game, as well.

In a new update, players can now receive the Ultranana banana from the item store, but the Blackholenana has been removed. The Hexagonana and Knight'nana have been added to the rare and common pools, respectively, while the Spacenana and Moainana ones have been removed.

The Banana game is a weird one for sure. All players do is a click on a banana and it just generates more bananas to collect. Every three and 18 hours, players get dropped a banana. Interestingly, the game is tagged on Steam as a "psychological horror."

The game is also beating Elden Ring on the current top 100 played on Steam right now. To be fair, however, Elden Ring is a premium game while the Banana game is free-to-play. Still, Counter-Strike 2 has kept its top spot as the most-played game on Steam.

Earlier this month, Banana saw over 420,000 concurrent players as it suddenly exploded in popularity. Now it has almost doubled that concurrent player base to over 800,000.

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