This Life-Sized Thanos Bust Looks Amazing, Is Very Expensive, And Is Missing An Arm

Are you prepared to spend more than $6000 on a Marvel collector's item?


An immaculate-looking life-size bust of Thanos is available to purchase, but it is very expensive and it's missing one of the villain's arms.

Queen Studios is now selling the limited-edition collectible, which features a half-body Thanos bust (the top half) based on his look from Avengers: Endgame as he wields the Infinity Gauntlet.

"Painstakingly sculpted, this movie-accurate polystone bust features the genocidal warlord wearing his battle scarred armour and helmet," reads a line from the description (via SlashFilm). "With his fist clenched and Gauntlet in hand, he stares forward menacingly. The beast of a bust is perfect for Avengers fans and collectors with the space for one of Marvel's most iconic villain."

The Infinity Stones on the gauntlet itself have internal lighting so they shine brightly and prominently. The base for the bust is inspired by Thanos' space vessel, the Q-Ship. The full bust measures 108cm (L) x 122cm (W) x 113cm (H).

Thanos' right arm is missing from the bust, which appears to be an intentional choice to specifically highlight the Infinity Gauntlet.

And now the kicker: The bust carries a premium price tag of $6450 + shipping. Alternatively, you can pay $1800 for a deposit and send the remaining $4650 + shipping later.

The bust is not available in the US, it seems, at least for the time being. You can learn more about this epic collector's item here on the Queen Studios website.

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