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This Lego Star Wars Exploit Lets You Fly By Beating Up Child Anakin

Brutalizing younglings is kind of on-brand for Star Wars.


A handy speedrunning trick has been found in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which allows players to essentially fly either vertically or horizontally across the map, as picked up by Polygon. The only downside is that the trick, which its inventor has named Child Flight, does unfortunately require players to beat up a child.

As posted by Twitter user Red Orb, the latest Lego Star Wars game doesn't allow child characters to take friendly fire damage, meaning players can combo hits on them to fly as far as they want across "large pits and void space."

The video posted by Red Orb shows the player testing this trick out on child Anakin, using an extended combo of attacks from Jedi character Qui-Gon Jinn. In a follow-up tweet, Red Orb explains that the exploit could be used in a number of different ways, with the game's many Jedi characters having different attack patterns that can be used to travel in different directions.

"I play a lot of [Devil May Cry] and other combo games and saw this game had similar combat," Red Orb told Polygon, explaining how they figured out the exploit. "Was trying stuff on enemies at first, they don’t have enough health, tried on the AI player 2 and that worked better but still too short to be fun. Eventually, I accidentally hit the child Anakin and he didn’t take damage. From there I just used him as a dummy and found the easiest air loop."

It'll be interesting to see how speedrunners end up using "child flight" in The Skywalker Saga, even if it does feel like a very Dark Side tactic. But hey--Anakin did it first.

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