This Is What a $28,500 Star Wars Watch Looks Like

It also comes with TIE Fighter cufflinks.


High-end American watch company Devon has announced a new luxury timepiece based on Star Wars.

Only 500 of the Darth Vader-inspired watches will be made, and they'll go for $28,500 apiece when they launch in October. The watches are meant to embody "the pioneering spirit of the original film and are designed to capture the adventure, hope, and enthusiasm of the legendary series," according to Devon.

In a news release, Devon said its new Star Wars watches are so advanced in design that they "look like they are from another galaxy." Inside the watch are glass-reinforced nylon belts, which Devon points out were used in gauges in 747 aircraft, as well as multiple optical recognition cells. In addition, the watch sports micro-step motors and 313 electrical contracts. In all, there are 350 individual parts.

"The technology for our watches didn't exist," Devon founder and creative director Scott Devon said in a statement. "We had to create everything from scratch and invent as we went along. This project came into being because of our revolutionary design and desire to strive for something different."

As you'll notice, Devon's Star Wars watch is themed around iconic villain, Darth Vader, who also "represents an impressive display of man interfacing with machine," Devon added. It also takes inspiration from the TIE Fighter line of spacecraft, while the screws that connect the case and lugs are "reinterpreted" as aircraft turbine intakes, meant to emulate the screws on Vader's own helmet. The crown of the watch features the Galactic Empire logo

For a closer look at the watch, take a look at the video above and some images in the gallery below.

The watch also comes with matching TIE Fighter cufflinks, because if you're spending $28,500 on a watch, you better get some slick-looking cufflinks, too.

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Writing on Facebook, Devon defended the price tag for the Star Wars watch after an appearance on NBC.

"If we were a Swiss Watch company and it's been said before about us that we would be hailed as the savior of the entire watch industry. No kidding," he said "We get attacked by an NBC journalist troll who has no idea what advanced watchmaking with limited production entails. But that's the US. We attack artists and compare what we make vs McMansions and McDonalds."

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