This Is the First Paid Expansion Coming to MMO Rift in Three Years

Rift went free-to-play in 2013, and now it's getting a big new expansion called Starfall Prophecy.


The fantasy MMO Rift launched way back in 2011, but developer Trion Worlds has consistently supported it with new content. But ever since the game went free-to-play in 2013, Trion has released somewhat smaller, free updates to the game. Now, however, Rift is once again getting premium content: Trion Worlds has announced the Starfall Prophecy expansion, and it'll cost $40.

With Starfall Prophecy, Trion now refers to the game as Rift 4.0, as the expansion dramatically changes and adds to the game. The developer says that Starfall Prophecy increases the size of Rift's world and adds a bunch of technical improvements, as well. You can see a trailer for the expansion in the embed above.

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Starfall Prophecy includes five new playable areas, two dungeons, and a raid. According to Trion, it also makes joining raids easier, as it adds a "Looking for Raid" system. A "Personal Loot" system tweaks loot drops to ensure that you'll receive the loot for your character class.

In addition, the expansion adds Fortress Sieges, a new type of battle that take place in the open world and that Trion claims "increase in complexity and size, spanning from solo battles, to groups, to even raids."

Finally, Starfall Prophecy adds more items and customization options, including new Legendary Powers, Eternal items, and Planar Fragments. The level cap has been bumped up to 70, as well.

It's worth noting that the base game will remain free-to-play after the expansion releases, meaning that Starfall Prophecy is optional DLC. Starfall Prophecy is available for preorder starting today. The normal edition costs $40 and includes a level boost to 65, while the Deluxe Edition, which costs $60, adds an Ethereal Drake Mount, Asha Catari's Raiment and the Ring of Ahnket character portrait.

Starfall Prophecy launches this fall, although the developer has yet to say exactly when.

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