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This Is the Final Oculus Rift Consumer Model

Watch a new video and check out some close-up images for the headset.


As part of Oculus VR's E3 conference today, the company officially unveiled the final Oculus Rift consumer model and talked about some of its new features.

The consumer package, which launches in the first quarter of 2016 for an unspecified price, will come with the headset and an external sensor for positional tracking. Also included is a wireless Xbox One controller and adapter. Oculus released the sizzle reel you see below for the device during today's event.

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Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe also revealed that it has a built-in slider than can adjust the distance of the two lenses to accommodate for variations in the distance between people's eyes. This might sound like a minor adjustment, but Mitchell said it is critical for ensuring users feel a sense of "presence" while wearing the Rift.

Iribe also explained that headphones on the Rift's consumer model can be removed or replaced.

What's more, Iribe held the headset in one hand today, claiming--without citing specific figures--that the headset is quite light. This should make it comfortable for extended play or viewing sessions.

Iribe also made it clear that the Rift consumer model launching next year is only "the beginning" for the device. He acknowledged that it might not be "quite as high resolution as you may one day want," suggesting further revisions to the headset will be released down the road.

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