This is Pokken Tournament's Punishment for Rage Quitting

"Quitting in the middle of battle is rude to your opponent."


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Rage quitting has been on the mind of fighting game fans for the past month, thanks in most part to Street Fighter V's lack of punishment for the act. However, Pokken Tournament doesn't put up with that kind of behaviour--if you rage quit, you'll be punished.

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The Pokemon fighting game warns you not to quit in the middle of a match when you first jump online (via Eurogamer). The in-game trainer, Nia, says "quitting in the middle of battle is rude to your opponent" and threatens you with a penalty if you do so.

If you decide to ignore Nia's plea and disconnect from an online match, you'll have some of your Poke Gold taken away from you--Poke Gold is used to buy cosmetic items for the Pokemon.

Pokken Tournament scored a 9 in GameSpot's review, which said the Pokemon fighting game is one of the best fighting games on not just the Wii U but any platform.

In other rage-quitting news, Capcom has detailed how its rage-quitting penalty system will work. It's a short-term solution; a permanent one will come later.

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Rage quitting doesn't bother me personality but I like this idea. IMO if my opponent gives up I'm fine with taking the win.

Avatar image for invisibleclose

As a fan of both beet'em ups and arcade fighting games, I don't know whether to get this or hurdle warriors. Which one is better?

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

I always find it funny how many people suddenly have bad internet connections when they implement punishments for rage quitters.

Honesty how bad can your connection be in this day and age? If your internet disconnects that much maybe change providers or use a direct link, get off the wifi.

One, twice, maybe but it shouldn't happen so much that you'll be seen as a rage quitter.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

@Bread_or_Decide: You'd be surprised at how crappy the US internet infrastructure is. Plus, most people only have a couple options for providers. Just playing devils advocate here.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Honestly, I've never been a firm believer in punishing people for rage quitting. It really isn't fair for people who have spotty internet.

Avatar image for Stebsis

@JustPlainLucas: Then maybe those people just shouldn't play games online. When these things involve other people it's really annoying when someone just leaves no matter the reason, it ruins the experience for others and I'd imagine for the person who get disconnected too.

Avatar image for Dragn_mastr

@JustPlainLucas: Tell me about it. Couldn't play Uncharted 2 because I usually get disconnected, and when I do I lose a bunch of exp to the point where I was back to square one.

Avatar image for louixiii

Good job Namco

Avatar image for maitkarro

It should come with a warning the first time you do it, something happening behind the controller is more important than what is happening in front of the controller for your entertainment, though yeah if the behind the controller becomes an entertainment action then, they are equally important, so punish as much as you want.

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so what happens if your wifi or power cuts out? what about those who have to leave because of unforeseen circumstances such as maybe someone in your family having an accident?

Avatar image for Stebsis

@locke90: Then you go help others and do the thing you have to do, the game isn't that important. But here's just a simple idea, don't play games online if your wifi or power cuts down so much this type of system ends up punishing you, it's that simple. Some people don't have the best connection and they might have some issues in their area etc. so then just don't play online because those people obviously just can't

Avatar image for sirdukefillion

@locke90: If there was an accident in your immediate vicinity you put the damn controller down and help them.

Avatar image for i-rock-socks

@locke90: if that happens then the game will start playing it's tiny violin. How often is the power going out or ur family falling down the stairs to have you think there shouldn't be a penalty for quitting? If ur having a power outage you bite the bullet and if ur having a family emergency u don't give a shit about fight money.

Avatar image for ariel_g

I think Nia's plea is enough for me. I'd do anything to listen to her as little as possible.

(Note: I don't plan on getting this game, so if there's an option to mute her voice, don't go ballistic on me.)

Avatar image for 14monkey

@ariel_g: yeah there is i have her turned off of course i have the whole voice acting off because it's really stale. but if you want voice acting and not her there is another option to just turn her off so she won't pop up and give you advice

Avatar image for medafaded

Screw you guys! I'm going home!

Avatar image for SpicyRamen10

The penalty should be if you quit the first time, you get a nice little warning, then the second time that happens, the game bricks itself.

Avatar image for putaspongeon

@SpicyRamen10: -someone has shitty internet-

-They lose 60 dollars-

Avatar image for sargentpsgamer

Honestly why does it matter? It sucks when you get paired up with someone that isn't at your level. You get dominated, it becomes frustrating and boring. Quit = win for the other guy, so what is the issue? You don't get to "show off" against some scrub for your Youtube channel? Boo hoo.

I don't do fighting games, but other games it gets annoying. Playing an FPS and most of the other team lags out or quits, and there is 1 or 2 guys left and they simply won't leave because they don't want to get punished. Now we all wait around for the timer to end so we can move on.... I mean hey the guy went 1-60 but at least he wont get banned, right?

Avatar image for Barighm

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if they just removed the "quit" option from the UI altogether. There is no quit option. It's just...not there.

Obviously, people could still just power off the game, but still...I'd like to see what would happen.

Avatar image for milk

@Barighm: In some games if you quit by turning off the game, you actually don't get the penalty.

This was useful in The Last Of Us's multiplayer. If you're on a mission that has 100% risk to your clan (meaning if you don't fulfill it, you have to restart your progress to getting the online trophy--it's 84 matches to get a trophy and there's two of them), and you're not going to complete it, you can quit out by closing the entire game and it doesn't count the match as played. If you just quit the match, it'll count it as a match played and you risk losing all your progress.

Avatar image for AyumiSqueezetoy

Was expecting Mr Resetti. :(

Avatar image for eva02langley


Avatar image for ariel_g

@eva02langley: Heh, I get it

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If you want to quit, then it's up to you. It's your game for **** sake.

Avatar image for deactivated-5d495083aed2b

@Random_Matt: If you choose to go online and be matched with another human player then it's not your game anymore, it's both of yours. You should be respectful of that and there are rules pertaining to this in the user agreement that you must agree to before using this service. You sound like a selfish ****, stick to single player

Avatar image for Latiran

@NTenseify: You sound like a salty little shit. Glad I don't play with kids like you.

Avatar image for deactivated-5d495083aed2b

@Latiran: Who reads 2 month old articles and comments on them lol? I don't even remember writing this... That said, you sir are a moron, the guy I was replying to is the salty one. Demanding respect when engaging in multiplayer? That's just common sense... Seriously, get a life and a brain

Avatar image for Latiran

@NTenseify: Some people may need to leave for a legitimate reason that's what he was trying to say. Ok maybe he was a bit aggressive in his tone but so were you.

Avatar image for Zorlac

@Random_Matt: And if you're ruining a game for other people they have a right to punish you for it. This isn't a single player game where only you are effected by quitting.

Avatar image for iandizion713

@Random_Matt: They wont stop you from quiting. You can quit all you want, its your game.

Avatar image for iandizion713

Thank you Nia.

Avatar image for juiceair

1st time, temporary 24 hour ban, 2nd time is a permanent ban.

Avatar image for Zorlac

@juiceair: That is FAR too harsh.

Avatar image for Barighm

@juiceair: WoW's 15 min. temp ban is the best one I've seen. It's not very long, but it helped a lot (at the time).

Avatar image for Darth_Tyrranus

So the solution is, spend all of your Pokegold on the cosmetic items, and then quit in the middle of matches as often as you like.

Avatar image for iandizion713

@Darth_Tyrranus: Yeah, but then youll be in the negative.

Avatar image for milk

> you'll have some of your Poke Gold taken away from you--Poke Gold is used to buy cosmetic items for the Pokemon.

So basically there's no penalty since you're gameplay is not negatively effected.

Avatar image for metallinatus

@milk: Just like in every other fighting game?

Avatar image for Dark_Mits

@milk: If I've understood online games in 2010+, cosmetic stuff are the reason the crushing majority of people play for, not for the outcome. So yes, removing currency used for cosmetic stuff is for the vast majority of players a harsher penalty than totally resetting their ladder progress.

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