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This is Pokken Tournament's Punishment for Rage Quitting

"Quitting in the middle of battle is rude to your opponent."


Rage quitting has been on the mind of fighting game fans for the past month, thanks in most part to Street Fighter V's lack of punishment for the act. However, Pokken Tournament doesn't put up with that kind of behaviour--if you rage quit, you'll be punished.

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The Pokemon fighting game warns you not to quit in the middle of a match when you first jump online (via Eurogamer). The in-game trainer, Nia, says "quitting in the middle of battle is rude to your opponent" and threatens you with a penalty if you do so.

If you decide to ignore Nia's plea and disconnect from an online match, you'll have some of your Poke Gold taken away from you--Poke Gold is used to buy cosmetic items for the Pokemon.

Pokken Tournament scored a 9 in GameSpot's review, which said the Pokemon fighting game is one of the best fighting games on not just the Wii U but any platform.

In other rage-quitting news, Capcom has detailed how its rage-quitting penalty system will work. It's a short-term solution; a permanent one will come later.

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