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This Is One Of The Best Game Trailers Of 2017

You're a big jerk goose.


House House, the independent developer behind Push Me Pull You, has announced its next game, and it looks delightful and strange and wonderful. The untitled goose game puts you into the webbed feet of a goose who is basically an all-around jerk.

Your task, at least in the section you can see in the pre-alpha gameplay trailer below, is to troll a groundskeeper. Tasks include breaking into the garden, getting the groundskeeper wet, stealing his keys, making him wear his sunhat, and more. Your final challenge is to acquire everything you need for a picnic, because there is nothing like enjoying a nice treat after causing mayhem.

It looks delightful. At the start of the demo, we see the unnamed goose breaking into the garden by picking up a radio with its beak, which in turn gets the attention of the groundskeeper who runs over to stop you, opening the gate in the process. Gotcha! It looks like a puzzle game of sorts, as you have to manipulate the environment and items in it to get the groundskeeper to do what you want. There are also stealth elements.

Pressing X makes the goose honk, which frightens the groundskeeper and pushes him back. Geese actually chase and attack people in real life, so this groundskeeper is smart to stay back.

The untitled Goose game launches in 2018. Bear in mind again that this trailer shows pre-alpha gameplay, so things could change. Also we don't know how much more there is to the title beyond this sequence. As for the name, developer House House said on Twitter that "Untitled Goose Game" is currently the frontrunner for the final name. Keep checking back for more on this goose game.

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