This is How Much The Witcher 3 Cost to Make

Overall, CD Projekt Red calls The Witcher 3 a "good investment."


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red has announced exactly how much money it spent to make the celebrated open-world role-playing game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Speaking during CD Projekt Red's latest financial briefing, the English translation of which was published today, CEO Adam Kicinski revealed the game's total budget--including development and marketing costs--as 306 million złoty or about $81 million USD.

By comparison, Star Wars: The Old Republic--a MMO--reportedly cost $200 million to develop. Meanwhile, Rockstar Games supposedly spent $265 million to develop and market Grand Theft Auto V. These figures, however, are unconfirmed, while The Witcher 3's budget number comes directly from the source.

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Also during his presentation, Kicinski says CD Projekt Red conducted 40 different marketing campaigns in parallel for The Witcher 3. He described this as a "daunting task," noting that the region-specific marketing campaigns were accompanied by a global campaign, too.

Kicinski also revealed that The Witcher 3 was developed over the course of 3.5 years by a team of professionals that "know how to develop games efficiently." A total of 240 in-house staff worked on The Witcher 3 (most were Polish, but a "considerable" number were foreigners), while 1,500 people in all around the world were involved in the game's production.

In addition, Kicinski points out that The Witcher 3 was localized in 15 different language versions, seven of which had full voice acting. A total of 500 voice actors worked on the game across its various versions.

Overall, Kicinski described The Witcher 3 as a "good investment," pointing out that the game sold 6 million copies in six weeks. For CD Projekt Red's latest financial period, the company made a net profit of 236 million złoty ($62.5 million), most of which came from The Witcher 3.

You can watch CD Projekt Red's full financial presentation below.

Next up for The Witcher 3 is the Hearts of Stone expansion, which launches on October 13. Looking beyond that, you shouldn't expect The Witcher 4 anytime soon, as CD Projekt Red is instead going to focus on Cyberpunk 2077.

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Yup. If I ever hit the lottery I'd try to develop a video game. If they can pull this off with only $81M USD, I feel like I can still dream.

Avatar image for rogerpenna

I remember when Wing Commander 3 wad the most expensive game ever, at 6 million dollars

Avatar image for rogerpenna

I did not see the video. Do they separate development and marketing costs? I am really curious how much of those huge costs of games are marketing?

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"The Witcher 3 was developed over the course of 3.5 years by a team of professionals that "know how to develop games efficiently."

You go that right. I still remember Black Mesa that was supposed to be released as a full version free mod and then they finally teased people about making it a premium game on steam only to come out as early access without zen a year ago and there's still no information on it. It looks like they knew it would take years to make and they wanna make as much money as possible from early access.

Avatar image for creepyburrito

The Witcher and GTA V are both so expansive...and yet did not come close to costing as much as Destiny did. I still want to know how Bungie spent so much...and produced little.

Avatar image for ender003

@creepyburrito: I assume you're referring to the $500,000,000. That isn't how much it cost to make Destiny. I think it was an estimate for the full 10 years.

Avatar image for dr_jashugan

"know how to develop games efficiently."

Other developers should learn how to do this.

Avatar image for dannydouble

Witcher 3 is hollow and content-less. Cutscenes of people standing still moving their lips for over 100 hours is not content.

Avatar image for metalblinga

@dannydouble: i pretty sure you're thinking of skyrim

Avatar image for deactivated-58a613a89f5e9

WOW.. such a big business these days. The game deserves to be a hit.. you can see the love and care invested in it in every part of it.

Avatar image for obiroid1

hope they sell 20million copies. its one of the best rpgs of all time

Avatar image for alchemy60

@obiroid1: wish they re-released the first 2 games :(

Avatar image for McGuirex3

@alchemy60 said:

@obiroid1: wish they re-released the first 2 games :(

You & me both! As a matter of fact CDP did start making the 1st. Witcher game on the XB360 it was to be called (The Witcher: Rise of the White wolf) but stopped because at the same time they were also making TW:2 and I don't know if anybody really knows for sure but no doubt had something to do w/ well of course money and or needed more staff or the like! That said I too hope they do some day (and I don't as of yet own either next-gen consoles) make for one and or both consoles a (Witcher Trilogy) even if they'd have to get someone else to do it for them would be nothing short of awesome indeed! Anyway happy gaming friend!

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These people deserve more profit than 62 million, go out and buy the game they made people, if there is a developer who deserves thier money its these guys. So support.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@Leignheart: Heck they made that in just 6 weeks- this is a game like suikoden or final fantasy 7 - people will buy this game years .... decades later. Unlike Fifa 2002 or Disney's Cars the video game.

This is basically them doing and end zone dance and ball spike. The team experience and skills learned making this game is also invaluable - allowing them better footing into 8th gen AAA games and room to take chances and even fail if they want to. Congratz to them - i know the witcher 3 is not perfect but I spent well over $50 at Olive Garden to feed the family last weekend and I enjoyed Witcher 3 much much more. Next time I am buying 3 of those Little Caesars $5 dollar ready pizzas and a bag of salad at Krogers and making my wife and kids watch me play W3.

Avatar image for garcia_jx

@jenovaschilld: eating it is pricey. Cup Noodles is the way to go.

Avatar image for DAOWAce

How much did the downgrade cost?

Avatar image for Jmalk


Avatar image for alucrd2009

They are good developers they deserve this , I hope I live to play cyber punk hahahhaa.

Avatar image for mad_hattitude

So they spent $81 million and only got back $62.5 so far.

I hope they make a good profit because their business practices should be encouraged.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@mad_hattitude: Please re-read the article- that was net profit in just 6 weeks of 62.5 million. Game paid for itself and them some - the presentation is basically them doing and end zone dance.

Avatar image for MirAGe01

@mad_hattitude: $62.5 million is their net profit. This means after the cost of the game and other operatiing expenses are paid for they have $62.5 million dollars left.

Avatar image for mad_hattitude

@MirAGe01: That's good. However it isn't fully explained in the article as Net profit and Gross profit are slightly different.

Avatar image for topgun182

@mad_hattitude: You mean the words "net profit" weren't clear enough for you?

Avatar image for spazzx625

@mad_hattitude: "For CD Projekt Red's latest financial period, the company made a net profit of 236 million złoty ($62.5 million), most of which came from The Witcher 3." emphasis added

Avatar image for Sefrix

@spazzx625: @mad_hattitude@MirAGe01That's for the quarter. That's not over top the entire 3.5 year expense. That means whatever they spent this quarter alone, they made 62.5 milion than they spent in the last few months. That being said, 62.5 is 62.5+ :)

Avatar image for topgun182

@Sefrix: Doesn't matter, that's the number he quoted. He just didn't pay attention to the article.

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500 voice actors

burn this into you brain Bethesda next time you make an elder scrolls game

Avatar image for aryanbrar


pshh voice acting doesn't mean turd

swtor had well known voice actors and that game bombed like the crap it was

Avatar image for hosedandhappy

@vadagar1: Not really sure what you're getting at unless you weren't playing Skyrim in English. The 500 number was for 15 languages. Skyrim had around 70 for the English version, which is probably similar to what the Witcher had.

Avatar image for Kyrylo

@hosedandhappy: Well thats nice and all, but german version of it had 3 (!) different voices. Like every bethesda localisation .

Avatar image for vadagar1

other games cost 200million and suck and this costs 80 and rules the world ?

Avatar image for hosedandhappy

@vadagar1: Those numbers aren't really comparable since anything made in Poland will cost significantly less. It looks like it would have been the most expensive game ever made if it was done in North America.

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Avatar image for punches4lunches

While this is awesome, because CD Projeckt Red is awesome, it should be noted that the average monthly wage in Poland is almost 4 times as less than the US (or 5 times as less than the UK, for the brothers across the pond). That has some affect on costs.

Avatar image for robchiang1990

@punches4lunches: Yeah, after seeing that both MGSV and this "only" cost 80 million, one has to think that the so-called "working ants" must be paid poorly compared to US and UK.

Avatar image for punches4lunches

@robchiang1990: It's just cheaper living conditions and the such, not that they're being paid poorly.

Avatar image for robchiang1990

@punches4lunches: Japan does not have a cheaper living condition.

Avatar image for pinoaisai

@robchiang1990: are you fucking serious right now? Who the **** do you call working ants?

Avatar image for robchiang1990

@pinoaisai: In the case of MGSV, the hard working men and women at Konami who are the one Konami really f***ed instead of a smart ass named Hideo Kojima.

Avatar image for Kyrylo

@robchiang1990: oh really? Those "hard working" people wouldnt have job if Kojima didn't hired them. Nobody's at fault that Konami guided by duoches now.

Avatar image for Redsyrup

So much transparency. This is really unexpected when their piers are the likes of EA, Activision etc. CD Projeckt Red is not your typical games company.

Avatar image for Lhomity

@Redsyrup: Public corporations like EA, Ubisoft and more, are obliged to report many details regarding their finances. Google "EA financial briefing", for just an example.

This GameSpot article is focused on just one company. Transparency regarding the finances of other publishers, in various forms, is available online if you are interested in seeing it.

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The Developer easily made that money back (Hopefully) since it's a resounding success. i know i enjoy it so far and i haven't even made through a fraction of the game.

Avatar image for ThePixelOmen

@Ranma_X_basic: Hopefully? Did you not read the article?