This Incredible-Sounding Golf Game Is Available Today Only

This new $2 golf game doesn't let you see where the ball goes after you hit it.


Game developer Damien Crawford has released a new golf video game that will be available for 24 hours only, and it sounds incredible. "Damien Crawford's Golf Experience 2022" puts players into the golf shoes of a person with only the most basic understanding of the game of golf.

As such, the game doesn't provide detailed statistics about how far away the hole is, nor does it allow players to apply any spin to a ball like other golf games allow. There is also no ability to hit fades and draws, and you cannot see where the ball goes after you've made contact.

In terms of what you can do, you can choose a club, decide how hard to swing ("full send it" is one of the swing power options), and then head out to find your ball and whack it again. In case there was any doubt, this is not a golf game that holds your hand or is anything close to traditional.

"Try to complete a course! They're technically able to be completed! You will hit the ball in the general direction of where you're facing when you select your club/power," reads a line from the game's description.

Damien Crawford's Golf Experience 2022 is available to buy now for whatever you want to pay, starting at $2. Crawford created the game as part of the Games that Shouldn't Be Games Jam 2022.

It'll be removed from sale at midnight PT on April 2. Crawford plans to bring it back on April Fool's Day each year, with the price going up each time.

In other news about golf video games, EA Sports PGA Tour has been delayed to 2023, while there is no word on if PGA Tour 2K22 will come out this year. Nintendo Switch Sports, meanwhile, will add golf in a free update after launch.

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