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This Image From Need for Speed Dev Is Incredibly Realistic

Can you figure out which one is real?


Game engines can produce some incredible visuals, but a new image from Need For Speed developer Ghost Games shows just how realistic graphics can be.

Rendered in the upcoming Need For Speed's Frostbite engine, the image depicts a real-life scene with incredible detail. When the rendered scene is compared side-by-side with the real image, the car in the foreground is nearly indistinguishable. The environment also looks identical in both the real and the rendered pictures, as do the cars parked in the background.

See if you can determine which image was rendered in the game. Click on the image (from EA's Speedhunters website) for a bigger size:

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Those of you who are more acquainted with graphics technology might be able to see the differences right away, but it took me several minutes to figure it out. The two photos on the left are from in-engine, and the two on the right are photographs. A monochromatic sky and grass that's not three-dimensional are two signs that the images are being rendered in an engine.

This isn't the only engine capable of such photorealism, either. Recently, a motivated artist created beautiful scenes in Unreal Engine 4 that run in real-time.

The upcoming Need For Speed reboot launches on November 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It's an open-world racing game that has five ways to play--Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. You can read our interview with the developer here.

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