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This Hot Toys Wolverine Collectible Is Going To Murder Your Deadpool Action Figures, Bub

Everyone's favorite mutant is getting the Hot Toys treatment.


It only took around 20 years, but Wolverine finally looks like he stepped out of a comic book thanks to the costume he'll be wearing in the next Deadpool movie. Swapping black leather for a yellow onesie, Logan will be tearing it up in Deadpool & Wolverine, and possibly also your collectibles corner thanks to this new and highly detailed sixth-scale figure from Hot Toys.

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Like its other releases from its Movie Masterpiece line, this Wolverine figure is a dead ringer for the mutant. The screen-accurate costume has been faithfully recreated, Wolverine's trademark claws look like they'll poke your eye out if you're careless, and the headsculpt looks exactly like actor Hugh Jackman, who has portrayed Logan in all of his big-screen appearances.

Two editions of the figure will be up for sale. The first one is a standard package without the Jackman headsculpt, and gives you a classic Wolverine collectible. This one has the signature mask, interchangeable lower faces showcasing different expressions, and arms made of a silicone material with seamless elbows, interchangeable hands, and claws. The deluxe package includes everything from the standard edition, as well as the optional headsculpt, a pair of interchangeable sleeved arms, and a set of battle-damaged body armor pieces to recreate more scenes from the film.

Like other Hot Toys releases, it'll be a bit of a wait for this one, as it's expected to ship out between April and September 2025. Hot Toys is also teasing a Deadpool figure, although you might want to keep these two separate in case they start getting a little stabby with each other.

Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theaters on Friday, July 26, and for a more affordable collectible, you can check out this absurd and obscene popcorn bucket being released for the film.

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