This Halo Infinite Razorback Feature Is Exactly How To Play CTF And Stockpile

Victory is just a short drive away.


Halo Infinite launched out of nowhere and became an instant multiplayer hit, but as the series moves to a free-to-play model for the first time and introduces so many new features, both players old and new are liable to feel inundated with new modes, maps, and mechanics. We want to highlight one element of the game right here as we've found it extremely helpful for a few of Halo Infinite's multiplayer modes. Specifically, for players jumping into Capture The Flag (CTF) or Stockpile, you'll want to be sure to protect your Razorback vehicle--and get some miles on it. Here's why the Razorback is critical to winning CTF and Stockpile matches.

In Halo Infinite's bigger maps, reserved for Big Team Battle playlists in the game's public matchmaking lobbies, you'll find an array of vehicles. Each team will find classics like Warthogs and Banshees to commandeer, and some of the best Halo clips you'll see come from players behind the wheel of these lovably wonky trucks, quads, hoverbikes, and more. But the Razorback is the most important vehicle you can strap into if you're playing CTF and Stockpile due to its unique cargo feature which allows you to attach power seeds and the enemy flag to the back of the truck.

Feed your Razorback power seeds and you'll be on the road to victory.
Feed your Razorback power seeds and you'll be on the road to victory.

To do so, simply approach the rear of a Razorback with your item in hand and look for the prompt to attach it to the truck using X on a controller or E on a keyboard. With power seeds, you can attach two directly to the truck, and anyone but the driver can carry another in-hand, meaning you can transport as many as five power seeds in one Razorback. If your team really shines, that means one round trip is all you'd need to win the round, as scoring five power seeds ends it. In reality, your attempts will be met with plenty of resistance, but it remains possible to steal a win with such a remarkable flair for the dramatic.

The same is true in CTF. The game's single enemy flag can be attached to the back of the Razorback and quickly transported to your base to score. Three such trips would get your team the victory in that case, but keep in mind the game treats you driving off with the flag the same way it does when you sprint off with it: You'll be pinged on the map for enemies to see, so you should not delay if you'll be using this Razorback strategy in CTF rounds.

These touches are some of what makes Halo multiplayer so memorable for so many, and they're partly why the game has been a hit out of the gate--that is, unless we're talking about the snail-like battle pass.

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