This Halo Infinite Promo Lets You See Your Face On Master Chief's Body

Microsoft is going all-in on the Halo Infinite "become" marketing tagline.


Microsoft has launched a new Halo Infinite promotional campaign that lets you "become" Master Chief. Fans can scan their face on this website and have their likeness superimposed in Master Chief's armor.

It goes beyond just that, however, as the video shows what you might look like in the heat of battle as you fight against Banished. Check out the video below from Halo's community manager John Junyszek to see what your video might look like.

You need to grant access to your camera, of course, and you have to be OK with Microsoft scanning your face. But if that's all good, head here to get started.

"Become" is one of the marketing taglines for Halo Infinite, and it's been featured in numerous ad campaigns so far.

Halo Infinite's official release date, December 8, is coming up very soon. Ahead of that, the multiplayer element is already available through a beta, and players might be happy to know that additional changes to the maligned XP/progression system are coming soon.

Halo Infinite game discs are beginning to appear in the wild, so you may want to be extra mindful about spoilers in the lead-up to launch. For more on Halo Infinite's campaign, check out GameSpot's impressions of the first few missions.

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