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This Halo Infinite-Inspired Xbox Series X Controller Looks A Lot Like A Needler

The latest custom controller from Pope Art is a perfect fit for Halo fans, and it's less poky than it looks.


When it comes to custom controllers, Pope Art is often the cause of depleted bank accounts around here, and this Halo Infinite-inspired Xbox wireless controller is no different. Its purple and gray design is clearly inspired by the strange-looking Covenant weapon that you never really seem to pick up. Though it was introduced as the Xbox Series X controller, it works on the Xbox One too.

Even if you aren't a huge Halo fan, there's definitely a lot to like about this design, from the bright blue buttons to the asymmetric swipe down the middle. The pink needles on the left grip are the most direct reference to the needler inspiration, but it's also reminiscent of the sharp talons of the original Xbox logo, which is a nice touch.

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As with many custom controllers, this one isn't cheap, coming in at $150. It does include free shipping and a 90 day warranty against defects. The current drop of these controllers will be delivered in mid-September, and there are only limited numbers available, so if you're interested, definitely get a move on. In other Halo news, the recent Halo Infinite beta has now concluded, and one of our staff members liked it a lot, though it's hard to judge based solely on killing bots.

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