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This Great Starfield Spacesuit Can Be Grabbed Early Thanks To A Poorly Secured Locked Case

There is a high stat Spacesuit located in the basement of the Lodge that can be grabbed earlier then intended thanks to a gap in its display case.


Starfield is filled with tons of loot and spacesuits to find, but early on in your adventure you likely won't stumble across anything great. There is, however, an extraordinarily high stat spacesuit that can be snagged early on despite it being behind a master level lock.

Shared on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, by Patrick Maka, there is a high quality suit located in the basement of The Lodge, Constellation's headquarters in New Atlantis. This suit is locked in case that requires you to break a master lock, meaning you must be at least level 3 in security.

However, if you line up your cursor on the crack in the case where the door would open, there is a small window where you can target the mannequin inside instead of the lock. Once you have that lined up, you can loot the suit inside. This spacesuit isn't the only locked item that isn't very secure, as there are plenty of weapons lockers throughout Starfield that can be looted due to the weapon inside clipping outside of the case.

The Mark I can be found in the basement of The Lodge, locked behind a master level lockpick.
The Mark I can be found in the basement of The Lodge, locked behind a master level lockpick.

The suit is the Mark I, which includes the spacesuit, boost pack, and helmet. All three of these items have high stats, for all three defensive categories, much higher than most other spacesuits seen in Starfield. The only real downside to the Mark I is that it's considered a normal rarity suit, so it doesn't have any special perks or benefits that some of the higher rarity options might. The Mark I is also worth a nice chunk of change, so even if it isn't better than the gear you have, it's still worth grabbing out of its case.

The resistance stats for the Mark I are:

  • Mark I Spacesuit - 120 Physical, 136 Energy, 128 Electromagnetic
  • Mark I Pack - 66 Physical, 64 Energy, 68 Electromagnetic
  • Mark I Space Helmet - 66 Physical, 64 Energy, 68 Electromagnetic

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