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This Glorious FIFA 15 Bug Is Every Manager's Worst Nightmare

PC users list growing number of launch problems.


Amazingly, EA's Quality Assurance team missed this: There's a bug in FIFA 15 that possesses all players with an unstoppable urge to run into the centre of the field.

The bug instantly reduces the beautiful game into lol-worthy amateur hour, with 'keepers bundling into referees as a scrum of millionaire sportsmen gracelessly scrap for possession.

It actually looks like a right laugh. I'm tempted to email this video to FIFA with the suggestion that bundles should replace penalty shootouts.

But this looks like to be one error among many on the PC version of FIFA 15. Players are also complaining about button mapping and lighting issues too. This all could go down pretty badly at EA, as the publisher is keen to distance itself from the calamitous game launches of SimCity and Battlefield 4.

FIFA 15 launched in North America on Tuesday, with a European release scheduled for Thursday. The game will arrive in the UK on Friday.

Prior to release, the FIFA 15 demo was downloaded more than 5.5 million times. Critic reviews were overall in praise of the title, with GameSpot's FIFA 15 Review stating: "If you're looking for football that is exciting, exaggerated, and immensely entertaining, this is the game to get."

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