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This Gears of War 2 TB Xbox One S Console Features Laser-Engraved Claw Marks

$450 console goes on sale on October 7, four days before the game comes out.


Microsoft today announced a special-edition version of the Xbox One S themed around Gears of War 4. As rumored, this is a 2 TB Xbox One that sports the franchise's Crimson Omen symbol and a red color scheme.

In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft explained that its overall design goal was to make the system look as if it was "lifted right out of the game." To that end, the system also features laser-engraved fake claw marks (go to Mashable to see how the design team did that), which are meant to show the devastating power of Gears of War's new Swarm enemy type.

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The system also comes with a matching controller that includes a bloody thumbprint on the D-pad, as well as the Crimson Omen.

The system sells for $450 and also comes with a digital copy of Gears of War 4's $100 Ultimate Edition (which includes the season pass), as well as a range of in-game content. Some of these items include the Vintage Retro Lancer and Vintage Boomshot.

What's more, the system will go on sale on October 7, which is four days before Gears of War 4's October 11 release date. You don't need to buy the bundle to play early, however, as the Ultimate Edition also arrives that day by itself.

If you're not interested in this console, regular Xbox One S systems go on sale in August.

The controller in the bundle will also be sold separately for $75. Additionally, there will be a Gears of War 4 JD Fenix limited edition Xbox One controller (below), which features metallic blue accents and a textured grip. The Phoenix Omen symbol is also featured on the controller.

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Both of the controllers also come with three Gear Packs that contain in-game items and an "exclusive" multiplayer lobby emblem. The emblem will be different depending on the controller. Both controllers go on sale on September 13. Preorders are available now.

In the United States, the JD Fenix controller will be exclusive to the Microsoft Store and GameStop.

These aren't the only Gears of War 4 controllers, as Microsoft is also making an Elite controller themed around the game. At $200, it's $50 more expensive than the standard Elite controller. It sports a deep red color scheme and also features claw mark accents, among other things.

Gears of War 4 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning if you buy it (digitally) on Xbox One, you get the PC version free or vice versa. Additionally, Gears of War 4 supports cross-play between console and PC.

In other Gears of War news, developer The Coalition has teased some special announcements and surprises for its panel at San Diego Comic-Con next week.

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