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This Game Is Immortalizing Players By Writing Them Into a Lore Book

"Every War Ends In Fire."


The game War Dragons is doing something new in the world of mobile games. Developer Pocket Gems today announced that a group of players will be immortalized by way of a novelization of the game called "War Dragons: Every War Ends In Fire."

The developer says it's the "first-ever literary adaptation of a mobile game."

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To get into the book, your team will need to win the in-game War Dragons sweepstakes called The Great Contest. As part of this contest, teams duke it out in a land grab contest that started December 9 and runs through the end of the year. Six winning guilds will ultimately be declared winners, and will be written into the War Dragons novel.

Winning teams will also get "exclusive new portraits," while the top team will have a statue built of their team's likeness inside the game. The contest is part of the Kingdom of Ice expansion, which Pocket Gems said is the biggest War Dragons update in the game's history.

As for the book, it's written by Brian Oliu ("Leave Luck to Heaven") and edited by Michael Rudin (Call of Duty: Rightful King"). It will be available for free through Amazon, Apple, and Google before the end of the year.

"The War Dragons community has been so creative in shaping the universe of the game and really making it their own," Oliu said. "We wanted to give die-hard fans and newer players alike something to reward their originality and show them how the chaotic world of War Dragons came to be."

To learn more, GameSpot spoke with Aland Failde, Director of Product Marketing at Pocket Gems.

What is the extent to which the contest winners will be written into the game?

Contest winners are going to be tied to War Dragons both in the game and in the canon of the universe.

The book explores the catastrophic events that led to the war-torn world we see in War Dragons today. Without giving too much away, we learn the kingdom used to be an amalgamation of powerful guilds that formed a peaceful utopia… until they were betrayed.

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Winning teams will be written into the canon as the guilds that composed the powerful and mighty kingdom that your parents ruled. Their team names will be used repeatedly as we learn about the main antagonist, Gustav, and his bloody rise to power.

All winning guilds will also receive custom character portraits, that they will help design, to use inside the game. The number one team in the contest will also have a statue that’s based on their team portrait raised inside the game’s shared universe for all others to bow before and tremble.

The War Dragons novelization will be a prequel--without giving too much away, what are you basing the stories around and what can players expect to learn about the overall game universe?

There were many different influences that were taken into consideration. You'll see cues from ancient Mesoamerican cultures, such as the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs. We’re also huge comic book fans, so we wanted to embrace some of the magical realism found in those stories.

I don't want to ruin it for fans, but we know that a story is only as interesting as its villain. All great villains are simultaneously insane and feel that what they’re doing is the right thing. We wanted to show Gustav’s ruthless ascendence to power in order to get a sense of the chaotic world that he created.

How did Brian and Michael get attached to this project in the first place?

I had collaborated with Michael before on fiction work that he did for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I knew what Michael and Brian are capable of when it came to bringing worlds to life and wanted to see what they could do with War Dragons.

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