This Game Aims to Set New Bar for "Cinematic" Mobile Gaming

"Tempo" is the latest project from Brink developer Splash Damage; check out a trailer now.


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London-based developer Splash Damage, which created Brink and the multiplayer mode for Batman: Arkham Origins, on Thursday announced its latest project. "Tempo" is a brand-new mobile title for iOS devices that's described as a "cinematic action game" that aim to push the genre forward.

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"London is on a short fuse; rigged to blow by a wealthy psychopath and his private army," reads a line from the game's description. "With only a handful of Special Forces Operatives on the ground, the fate of the city falls on you!"

Splash Damage and publisher War Chest boast that Tempo "sets a new bar for cinematic mobile gaming." It achieves this, they say, by combining "slick, reflex-driven gameplay" with top-of-the-line visuals and sound production. Tempo is due to launch exclusively for iOS devices in early 2015.

For more on Tempo, check out the game's debut trailer above.

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