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This Fantastic Game Is Free On PC, But You're Running Out Of Time

Catch up on the story before The Wolf Among Us 2.


The Game Awards 2019 has some pretty good news for fans of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us adventure series. The studio, which has a substantially different staff after it shut down in 2018 and was revived by a company called LCG Entertainment this year, has partnered with AdHoc Studio to develop a new installment of the episodic adventure, The Wolf Among Us 2. The sequel is coming to consoles and the Epic Games Store soon, though we don't have a solid release date right now.

To celebrate the coming sequel, however Epic is currently offering free copies of The Wolf Among Us until tomorrow, December 19. If you never experienced The Wolf Among Us when it first released or want to relive the adventure, this is an excellent chance to pick it up. As with all of Epic's weekly free games, all you need is a free Epic account to add it to your library, and it'll be yours to keep forever. While you're at it, you can also snag prison escape sim The Escapists for free this week as well.

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The Wolf Among Us is a classic of the narrative-driven episodic game genre and a must-play for fans of story-heavy adventures. Played from a third-person perspective, The Wolf Among Us is set in a world where fairytale characters live disguised as humans in a community called Fabletown. The game follows Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown, who is investigating a murder. While investigating and interrogating other characters, you'll make decisions that will influence the course of events. The game's cast includes classic characters like Snow White and Mr. Toad, but the story ties them all together in fresh and unexpected ways.

The game earned an 8/10 in GameSpot's The Wolf Among Us review of episode 1. "This premise may seem weird--corny, even--but like the comics that inspired it, The Wolf Among Us maintains a steady noir tone that permeates the experience, only occasionally allowing humor to bubble to the surface," wrote Kevin VanOrd.

"There are nods to the world's inherent ridiculousness; Bigby's preferred brand of smokes is Huff'n'Puff, for instance, and you get a glimpse of a shop called the Glass Slipper Shoe Store. But while you'd think that the sight of a porky pig sliding out of an oversized easy chair would be good for a laugh, I was instead struck by the hog's weariness as he shifted his tired bones into gear and slumped in the corner. 'Happily ever after' is a myth, even for fables, and The Wolf Among Us takes every opportunity to weigh down every reference to the delightful tales of our childhoods with emotional bricks."

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