This Fan-Made Mega Man Game Is Like Mario Maker, Comes Out This Week

But Capcom could still feasibly stop it from happening.


There's been a lot of news about fan-made recreations, tributes, or sequels to popular game series, and recently, a trailer showed off a pretty awesome Mega Man fan game that's coming this week. Called Mega Maker, it's meant to be a Mario Maker-esque title for the Mega Man series, and it's currently scheduled to launch on July 15.

From the short look in the trailer, the game seems really cool. It allows players to build levels using the assets from the first six Mega Man games, and it contains twelve bosses you can choose from. It has its own, Mega Man-like soundtrack, as well. You can watch the trailer below.

The team of fans working on the game cannot charge for it, as that would violate Capcom's copyright terms since it uses Capcom-made assets. Mega Maker's website makes sure to say that the assets are property of Capcom, as well, and that the team won't commercialize the game. However, the developer is taking donations through a Patreon campaign to help fund server costs.

Capcom could still shut this down, as we've seen happen to many fan games in recent years. Titles that originated as Nintendo games seem particularly vulnerable, as Nintendo has shut down a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2D remake, Pokemon Prism, and Pokemon Uranium, among others.

However, there are examples of fan games surviving and even being blessed by the original developers. Installation 01, for instance, is a Halo fan game that was just recently given the green light by 343 Industries, as long as the fans never receive payment or even donations for its development. In addition, Mega Man 2.5D has yet to be sent a cease-and-desist from Capcom, so Mega Maker may still survive.

As of now, Mega Maker is planned for launch on PC on Saturday, July 15. You can read more about it over at its website.

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A Mega Man maker would be awesome. If Capcom shuts it down they should really consider creating a Mega Man Maker game and releasing it. Ide totally get it

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Well, if capcom doesn't sue them, goes to show that capcom REALLY doesn't care about the franchise, that we will NEVER see a new megaman game ever made.

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Remember when Capcom was developing their own version of this but then stopped working on it altogether?

Really wish they'd get their act together and work on a new Megaman game (or even go back to developing Megaman Legends 3)

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@henchman216: Then Megaman fans should have bought the games. The sales numbers I saw showed the series struggling to make 200k units sold for about a decade. Then MM9 happened and did okay, but died again at MM10.

The fact of the matter is these games aren't nearly as popular as fans think they are. If you really want to bring these games back, find clones like 20XX and then support the heck out of it. If Capcom sees another game doing very well, they will want a piece of the pie.

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@Barighm: To be fair they've been making "meh" games for about a decade too. X7 and X8 were horrible, Xover was the worst thing to happen in gaming in 2012, Powered Up was a remake, Maverick Hunter X was a remake, the Legacy Collections were cool but ultimately they're collections of existing games, Battle Network and Star Force may as well have nothing to do with Mega Man, Zero's a spinoff series, and ZX is Mega Man-vania (and also a spinoff).

Mega Man 9 was their first non-shit and serious attempt at it in about a decade. No spinoff, no remake, no different genres... here's Mega Man, this is what he was, this is what he's still is, and they were rewarded for that. 10 shouldn't have happened. That's not a door that gets opened twice. 9 worked because it's been so long since a proper Mega Man game has been made, retro gaming was in, and it was special. Other than people being into retro gaming, 10 didn't have any of that because 9 ate it all up.

If they want to be lackadaisical with the series then I don't know why they would expect anything more than average to below average sales. Granted I don't think they can get away with doing a 2D Mega Man and have it be super successful anymore, but Metroid Prime dealt with that problem just fine when it was time for Metroid to make that leap. I think they can pull something similar out with Mega Man X. I think Mega Man X7 was supposed to be that but it missed the mark by a nautical mile. They can bring the series back and modernize it well if they put some muscle into it. It's not the series that's the issue, it's the half-assed bullshit they've been pulling for 15 years.

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C&D coming now in :(

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I admire some people's perseverance! Would never be able to make something of this complexity on pure enthusiasm.

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Not anymore, thanks for blowing up the spot

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Why do idiots keep doing this?!? It's SO easy to change a handful of sprite sheets and words!

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@Pyrosa: They are doing it for the glory and most of the time that ends up been their undoing and their project gets shut down.

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Had it been a Nintendo title, they would've stopped it before the guy even got to even THINK about creating it...

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Great. Here Capcom police comes. They'll make game developers desist and cease, whatever it is, and make them sad. -_-

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Yep, and they'll stop it from happening way sooner with your help from posting this article! Good job!

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Capcom should shut this down because right too .

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"Capcom could still feasibly stop it from happening"

Seeing how much capcom really cares about the series. They would probable ignore this game just like the rest of the fan base.