This Fan-Made Mega Man Game Is Like Mario Maker, Comes Out This Week

But Capcom could still feasibly stop it from happening.


There's been a lot of news about fan-made recreations, tributes, or sequels to popular game series, and recently, a trailer showed off a pretty awesome Mega Man fan game that's coming this week. Called Mega Maker, it's meant to be a Mario Maker-esque title for the Mega Man series, and it's currently scheduled to launch on July 15.

From the short look in the trailer, the game seems really cool. It allows players to build levels using the assets from the first six Mega Man games, and it contains twelve bosses you can choose from. It has its own, Mega Man-like soundtrack, as well. You can watch the trailer below.

The team of fans working on the game cannot charge for it, as that would violate Capcom's copyright terms since it uses Capcom-made assets. Mega Maker's website makes sure to say that the assets are property of Capcom, as well, and that the team won't commercialize the game. However, the developer is taking donations through a Patreon campaign to help fund server costs.

Capcom could still shut this down, as we've seen happen to many fan games in recent years. Titles that originated as Nintendo games seem particularly vulnerable, as Nintendo has shut down a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2D remake, Pokemon Prism, and Pokemon Uranium, among others.

However, there are examples of fan games surviving and even being blessed by the original developers. Installation 01, for instance, is a Halo fan game that was just recently given the green light by 343 Industries, as long as the fans never receive payment or even donations for its development. In addition, Mega Man 2.5D has yet to be sent a cease-and-desist from Capcom, so Mega Maker may still survive.

As of now, Mega Maker is planned for launch on PC on Saturday, July 15. You can read more about it over at its website.

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