This Console Modder Has Created GameCube Joy-Cons For Switch

The GameCube controller has been reborn.


The Switch has a great controller in the Pro Controller, but many gamers (especially fans of Super Smash Bros. Melee) cannot look past the GameCube controller, so much so that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate still supports it. But if you're playing in handheld mode, you're out of luck, with no official GameCube controller-shaped Joy-Cons available--which is why one console modder took it upon themselves to build some.

Shank Mods' creation was made by tearing down a pair of standard Joy-Cons and recreating them inside the half-shells of a GameCube controller. This is not a theoretical render, but rather a new pair of working Joy-Con controllers that each look and feel like half a GameCube controller.

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In the video below, Shank shows how he did it (it took months of work and involved 3D printing some parts,) and how they work.

The process of making the controller is pretty involved, as the Joy-Con pair features different buttons compared to the GameCube controller.

Shank even creates a Joy-Con cradle, so you can use the two halves snapped together like a Wavebird. These Joy-Con controllers he has created are compatible with any games that you can use the Joy-Con with, and feature gyro controls and amiibo support.

Unfortunately, the GameCube Joy-Con is not available as a commercial product.

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