This Arma 3 Mod Won Its Creators $217,000

More than $500,000 in prizes were doled out as part of the Make Arma Not War competition.


Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive has announced the winners of its Make Arma Not War contest, which saw modders compete to take home various sums of money--including a top prize of €200,000 (roughly $217,000 USD).

Mods were divided into four categories: single-player game mode, multiplayer game mode, add-on, and total modification. The total prize money adds up to €500,000 (about $543,000), with first place in each of the first three groups taking home €50,000 (about $54,000). The winner of the total mod category, RHS: Escalation, took home the biggest prize of the competition.

RHS: Escalation
RHS: Escalation

Created by Red Hammer Studios, a group that's been producing content for the Arma series since 2003, RHS: Escalation focuses on the armed forces of the Russian Federation (seen above) and the United States. This includes accurately modeled vehicles, infantry models, weapons, and more, as well as various tweaks to enhance realism.

You can download the mod here, and find out more about the others (listed below) here. Arma 3 is on sale from now until March 30 for $30 on Steam.

Although Arma 3 does use Steam Workshop, which makes installing and managing mods extremely simple, it doesn't currently support large-scale mods like Escalation. Bohemia is currently at work on addressing this issue, and is also exploring the possibility of a marketplace where Arma 3 modders could sell their content.

The Make Arma Not War competition kicked off last year, with the finalists being announced in January. Winners were chosen by a "jury" comprised of developers, media members, and Bohemia partners.

In addition to the the aforementioned awards, a special one--the Health Care In Danger Special Award--has been given to the mod that best covered the subject of "health care in danger." RobJ2210, creator of the Pilot Civilian Air Rescue on Missions mod, will get to go on a Red Cross mission to a foreign country.

The full list of winners follow:

Single-Player Game Mode

  • 1st place (€50,000) – RESIST by Kydoimos
  • 2nd place (€30,000) – Pilgrimage by Rydygier
  • 3rd place (€20,000) – Deliverance by Sarge Studio

Multiplayer Game Mode

  • 1st place (€50,000) – King Of The Hill by Sa-Matra
  • 2nd place (€30,000) – Battle Royale: Ghost Hotel by PLAYERUNKNOWN
  • 3rd place (shared) (€10,000) – Get Wrecked* by Sli
  • 3rd place (shared) (€10,000) – Twilight Onslaught* by Dorian23Grey

*These entries received an equal amount of points from the Make Arma Not War jury.


  • 1st place (€50,000) – Task Force Arrowhead Radio by Nkey
  • 2nd place (€30,000) – Bornholm by Egil Sandfeld
  • 3rd place (€20,000) – F/A-18X Black Wasp by Saul

Total Modification

  • Winner (€200,000) – RHS: Escalation by Red Hammer Studios

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