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This $5 Game Bundle Will Take You To 7 Different Dystopias

Fanatical's latest build-your-own bundle deal lets you stock up on PC games for super cheap.


Fanatical has launched a brand-new build-your-own bundle that offers tremendous value for PC games. If you want to revisit the dystopia-obsessed 1980s, the Dystopian Dreams bundle is for you. But even if you aren't big on dystopian fiction, you'll still want to consider this bundle, as it has some interesting and eclectic games. You can get up to seven games for an average price of just 71 cents each. Plus, this bundle will gain you entry in the Golden Bundle contest.

The Dystopian Dreams bundle is inspired by that wild decade of ozone layer-destroying deodorants, wild excess, and potential nuclear apocalypses. Unsurprisingly, the games in this bundle have bleak worlds. There are 14 games total.

You can grab three games for just $2.49, five games for $4, and seven games for $5 in this special. The standout games in this collection are Cosmic Star Heroine and Golf Club Club Wasteland, a lo-fi golfing experience set to a chill soundtrack and taking place on a future version of Earth that has been ruined by societal collapse. Sure, humanity might have died off and only a select few may have escaped extinction by fleeing to Mars, but it turns out that a post-apocalyptic wasteland is perfect for a few rounds of golf. The game also has a great radio station with some thought-provoking segments, in case you're looking for a different kind of golf tour. Meanwhile, Cosmic Star Heroine is a retro-style JRPG with turn-based combat and a compelling story.

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Other games on the list include Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story inspired by Clock Tower and Fatal Frame, digital mystery VirtuaVerse, and 2D medieval-cyberpunk platformer VolticPistol. As usual any of the games bought in the Dystopian Dreams bundle can be redeemed on Steam, with codes delivered to your Fanatical account almost instantly after purchase. For deals on gaming hardware, be sure to check out Amazon's Gaming Week Sale that's now on and has deep discounts on Razer, Elgato, and Logitech accessories.

Fanatical Dystopian Dreams bundle

  • Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story
  • Velocity Noodle
  • Golf Club Wasteland
  • Runout
  • Grapple Hoops
  • Synergia
  • Retrowave
  • BitVault
  • VolticPistol
  • System Crash
  • VirtuaVerse
  • RoboPhobik
  • Synthwave Dream '85
  • Cosmic Star Heroine

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