This $16 Real-Life Rocket League Ball Looks Awesome

The six-inch Rocket League stress ball goes for $16.


Rocket League

Rocket League developer Psyonix has revealed a six-inch stress ball that resembles the in-game soccer ball. It costs $16 and is available for purchase now.

The six-inch size is perfect for throwing and kicking around, but as demonstrated in Noclip's documentary The Story of Rocket League, it also seems to work pretty well for real-life Rocket League with remote-controlled cars. You can visit the stress ball's shop page here.

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In addition to the six-inch size, the Rocket League Store also offers a smaller, nearly three-inch stress ball, as well as a keychain that's less than two inches in diameter.

As for other Rocket League merchandise, we reported on vinyl record sets of the soccer-with-cars game's soundtrack. The records look amazing, and the art that houses them is just as great.

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