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This $10 Puzzle Game Humble Bundle Is Awesome

Seven great games in a bundle that aids humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.


Humble’s new Unparalleled Puzzlers game bundle collects seven highly-rated, puzzle-focused games Steam into a single package benefitting the Razom for Ukraine charity, a non-profit group that aids with humanitarian relief efforts caused by the war in Ukraine.

The bundle includes the award-winning Baba Is You, which elevates the simple mechanic of pushing blocks into a mind-bending puzzler where the objects you interact with have unique properties that alter or transform your character in surprising ways.

Then there’s the strategy-puzzle game hybrid Dorfromantik. Players create sprawling towns and landscapes using randomized tiles, and each tile you place awards you points based on the neighboring areas.

The bundle also includes Monument Valley: Panormaic Edition and Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition. In these atmospheric games, players work through a series of dioramic landscapes filled with secret passageways and optical illusions. The Panoramic Edition of both titles include the base games plus all DLC content.

Rounding out this box of puzzle games are the 3D exploration game The Last Campfire, the side-scrolling platformer DARQ: Complete Edition, and the hand-painted point-and-click adventure Creaks.

All seven games would normally cost you $99, but you can get them all for as little as $10 in this bundle. However, if you’re feeling extra charitable, you can up your purchase to Humble’s suggested $25 (or higher) to send more money to the publishers and the Razom for Ukraine charity. You can also customize how much of your donation goes to which group.

The Unparalleled Puzzlers Bundle is available at Humble until March 10.

Humble’s Unparalleled Puzzlers Game Bundle

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