Third Humble Indie Bundle tops $2 million

More than 370,000 indie game collections sold in two weeks; proceeds split between organizers, developers, Child's Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation.


The third Humble Indie Bundle has wrapped up, and the final tally for the two-week campaign came in just under $2.17 million from more than 372,000 customers. Given the name-your-price nature of the bundle, that makes for an average contribution of $5.82 for the game assortment.

And Yet It Moves was one of the featured titles in the third Humble Indie Bundle.
And Yet It Moves was one of the featured titles in the third Humble Indie Bundle.

As with previous Humble Indie Bundles, customers were allowed to name their own price for an assortment of independent games and allocate that money between the promotion's organizers, the game developers, the Child's Play charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The primary games included in the bundle were And Yet It Moves, Hammerfight, VVVVVV, Cogs, and Crayon Physics Deluxe.

However, organizers also added a pair of extra games--Steel Storm and Atom Zombie Smasher--a limited-time demo of Minecraft, and the entire second Humble Indie Bundle lineup as well. That assortment featured Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans.

Also in keeping with past bundles, all of the games were available without digital rights management for the PC, Mac, and Linux. The official site kept track of how much gamers on each platform gave, with Linux users the most lucrative segment at an average of $12.04 each. The average contribution for Mac users was $7.72, while Windows PC users trailed their counterparts at $4.89 each.

The third Humble Indie Bundle was also the most lucrative to date. The original campaign brought in $1.27 million, with the follow-up raising the take to $1.8 million.

For more on how the Humble Indie Bundle came together, check out GameSpot's coverage of the organizer's presentation at the Game Developers Conference 2011.

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This is a great charity event, I am glad its doing so well.

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This proves that you don't have to make a $60 game to make a lot of money.

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I am so glad i spent money on the Humble Bundle! It's just cool to see it getting more noticed, I'm in full support of them.

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How come I never hear about this stuff till its over!?!

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The humble bundle is just a brilliant idea. I will always support them. This gives hope for the industry's future!

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Great cause here. I love PC gaming and gamers. Our support for indie devs and other causes is just astounding. Good job guys.

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Great games, great cause, indie developers getting paid... gotta love it.

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These guys along with the indie devs are the most awesome people of the gaming industry right now. Only at times when I think of ***** who take undue advantage of such people I feel sad.

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Great job

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As an Ubuntu user, I'm not surprised that Linux users were willing to pay more. Had I known about this, i would have bought a few games myself.

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if i had a job, i would have given them a lot more than 5.

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Damn it I missed it, stupid paypal freezing my account.

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I love the Humble Bundle! :D Keep doing your awesome thing guys!

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Can you imagine how much better games/movies would be if they had a system like this where they had to rely on donations ? I very much support this and am going to pay them $40 atleast.

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The publishers are going to take notice of this