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Feature Article

Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Super Tips for Super Kids

South Park has once again returned to video game platforms with a successful mix of RPG systems infused with South Park’s unmistakable character. The Fractured But Whole sees the kids go on another adventure, but things have changed a little since The Stick of Truth. Not only are they into superheroes now, but there's a new combat system to get your head around, along with a few other mechanical changes.

If you’re eager to go into this 20+ hour journey well-prepared, then the above video is for you. Jess McDonell will guide you through some need-to-know information regarding puzzles, character classes, and useful consumable items. If you're already making your way through the game, be sure to comment with any other tips you might have found!

If you’re curious about The Fractured But Whole, but haven’t pulled the trigger, be sure to check our review. Miguel Concepcion says that “The Fractured But Whole can be appreciated as a standalone adventure, accessible to those who've fallen off the TV series over a decade ago”. If you’re already on the train, then find out all the details about the upcoming story DLC!

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