Thief III to debut at E3

Eidos announces that the Xbox version of the stealth action sequel will be at next week's E3, and reveals that the game is scheduled for this winter.


Thief: Deadly Shadows

Eidos Interactive has today confirmed that the recently announced Xbox version of Thief III will debut on the show floor at next week's E3 in Los Angeles. The PC version of the game will also be at the show, although it'll be available to play by invitation only. The announced also provides the first clue to the game's release date, saying that the game is "on its way to the Xbox and PC this winter."

"The opportunity to create a game in the Thief universe is a real thrill for me and the rest of the folks at Ion Storm," said Warren Spector, studio director at Ion Storm. "Thief pioneered the concept of 'stealth action' gameplay on the PC and was the game that, more than any other, inspired me to build a team to create Deus Ex. Now, Ion and the Thief team hope to take the 'sneaker' genre to new heights and, by developing for both console and PC, bring it to an even larger audience than before."

In Thief III, players will once again assume the role of the master thief Garrett, who uses his considerable skills to steal from the rich and give to himself. For more information on Thief III, check out our exclusive in-depth preview of the game.

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