Thief III Team Update

Warren Spector talks about the former Looking Glass staff Ion Storm is adding for its Thief development plans.


Warren Spector, the designer of Deus Ex who leads Ion Storm's Austin, Texas studio, revealed new info on the process of building up a development team for Thief III. The update, posted to fansite a week after the initial announcement that Eidos will publish a new Thief game, reveals the identities of the Looking Glass hirings alluded to last week.

Three former Looking Glass studio members will work on the project full-time. The designer of the original Thief, Randy Smith, has agreed to be Thief III's project designer and lead designer. Level designer for Thief Gold and Thief II, Emil Pagliarulo, will become senior designer. The project also gains Lulu Lamer, assistant producer on Thief II, as associate producer. Additionally, two Thief programmers now on other projects in the Austin area have agreed to consult on the project, and a third long-standing Looking Glass member may also sign on in a consulting role.

Ion Storm continues to talk to other Looking Glass alumni, but with the core team almost settled the early design phase is set to start in September. We can expect further details to surface out of the Austin studio in the next month. Interestingly, Spector also makes mention that another team at the studio continues to work on "Deus Ex stuff," though there hasn't been word of a patch that would require a standing team.

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