Thief 4 officially uncloaked

Eidos Montreal crafting the cutpurse Garrett's new adventure; release date, platforms, gameplay details still under wraps.


For almost a year now, it has been an open secret that Eidos Montreal has been working on a new entry in the Thief franchise. Back then, the company issued a teaser notice explaining that its next project would begin with the letter 'T." Nothing was then heard officially about the project until last month, when yet another teaser was posted by Eidos Montreal, followed by a print advertisement indicating that news was coming today, May 11.

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Today, the sequel was finally officially confirmed by Eidos Montreal, the Quebecois studio of the Japanese-owned British publisher. "We're in the early development stages for Thief 4," said Stephane D'Astous, the shop's general manager. "While it's too early for us to offer any specific game details, right now we are focused on recruiting the very best talent to join the core team at the studio." The game also has an official Web site,, the forums on which are live.

The Thief franchise began life in 1998 with the highly rated Thief: The Dark Project, developed by Looking Glass Studios. The now-defunct shop released Thief II: The Metal Age two years later, followed by 2004's Thief: Deadly Shadows from Austin, Texas-based Ion Storm, which was shut down by owner Eidos in 2005. Series protagonist Garrett was rated one of the best game heroes ever in GameSpot's Greatest Games of All Time feature.

Eidos Montreal was founded in February 2007, and was revealed in November of that year to be working on another new game in a classic series, Deus Ex 3, due out in fall 2010.

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Avatar image for SuperB56

There are two games that Eidos has been a part of that have aways delivered a great experience no matter what anybody says...Hitman and Thief. I am keeping Thief 4 on my list of games to keep an eye on.

Avatar image for xGarrettThiefX

Just loaded Thief Gold and am now playing it in anticipation of Thief 4...

Avatar image for kalgert123

@ninoni that sounds like an awesome idea,thief 4 being more open-world-ed,events that don't permanently change like in thief 3 (where if you did anything there,the changes stayed) and hopefully allow you to actually manage what items you have,because having to use only a dagger to fight against people was utter madness...ofcourse the stealth,the amazing stealth...ah thosse were the days,i just hope nothing will be screwed up oh and i also was thinking of maybe and night moments,i mean you are being chased around by guards anyway so why not have a day and night sequence and give the cities some dark areas to hide in

Avatar image for madglee

Welp, it's been 3 years; we may never see this, despite it being one of my favorite franchises.

Avatar image for GAMBINO85

Thief 4 is number 1 on my list. Hitman is gonna be awesome but Thief is the greatest series in gaming to me.

Avatar image for Genco-29

I have Deus Ex 3, (human revolution) because its 2012 :p but i loved thief 3, i have it on xbox and its an amazing game even today so i'm highly anticipating a thief 4

Avatar image for thereal-15-cent

Hopefully the stealth will be awesome. After the death of the "Pre Conviction" version of Splinter Cell (R.I.P.) a real stealth series needs to be made. Thief 3 was a good game, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Avatar image for 90790959

I've played all the parts of that game and i love this game. Garrett is most amazing character for me.

Avatar image for midway_nights

come on now, release the game already. its been really long wait.,,,,,,,7 years thief 3 was awesome and genius.

Avatar image for Keeper_Artemus

ahhhh, Thief....The way Assassin's Creed should have been.

Avatar image for ninoni

they should make it open world like tes with more cities

Avatar image for ninoni

great game cant wait for thief 4

Avatar image for rade77

One of the greatest games i ever played... Completely, story line, effects, shadows, music and scenes, engine ... With one word, perfect

Avatar image for chkmode

yaar anixously waiting for that game :)

Avatar image for blairstheman

i hardly have played the first and second thief (thumbs down for me) but i have no doubt they are great games, but the game i fell in love with was thief deadly shadows. the hair raising tight quarters, escapes, sneakin around pagans hamerites, the creepy atmosphere was awesome, n the story was great too. I never have finished the game, i got to where one of the good factions turned into the hag or whatever n killed people n stuff, and the base was blocked off, i couldnt find my way up to the spot to get in, so i stopped playin. lol that was years ago

Avatar image for BaLlSlAyEr65

<< LINK REMOVED >> You must be the one percent who like thief 3 the most. It is a good game, but the other two are so much better compared to Deadly Shadows. It lost many things about the old ones, but it has shown to have a few new features that are better. One of which being that your loot must be brought to a fence in order to obtain cash. However I didn't like the more open world concept on running around to get to the next mission. I hope they keep it like the first two I fell in love with....

Avatar image for cometoforest

different developer studio often smells different game engine.. i hope it would be at least as the same quality it was.

Avatar image for Lonewolf2785

Cant wait to play this game thief 3 was one of the scariest games I have played

Avatar image for ritz_blitz

thief 3 is the scariest game Ive ever played. especially that shale bridge cradle level... damn that was scary

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

@ athenian29 yeah I'm sure it will

Avatar image for athenian29

Will this be on PC?

Avatar image for midway_nights

Great! but pls make it in the same environment of deadly shadows.

Avatar image for DarkWatchman

Opps I meant to say the 1sts person was clunky in the 3rd one not the 1st person view.

Avatar image for DarkWatchman

It better have rope/vine arrows from the old ones. Also the clunky 3rd person view has to go. Deadly shadows focused to much on the 3rd person view and made the 1st person aspects clunky. Hopefully they have all good the good stuff from the first 2 thief games.

Avatar image for Artemis575

I can't wait for this game! If the developers are smart they'll design like thief 2 and not have an open world, but have thief 3 graphics.

Avatar image for D1zzyCriminal

Thief is without a doubt the most pulse raising game I have played, zombies moaning, hammerites chasing you down, constantly knowing your next move may be your last. I hope its quite an unforgiving game so it keeps the tension.

Avatar image for siddarthshetty

Can't wait for this one...

Avatar image for Dan21278

They should bring the guys Who made Assassins creed and Star Wars Knights of the old republic. Now That... would be Epic. XD!!!!

Avatar image for Quinzark

looking forward to that

Avatar image for Evilnator

oh yes.. i cant wait for this...

Avatar image for Eternal_Warrior

Can't wait for Thief4. I enjoyed playing all the the previous games and hope to see the hammerites and pagans again.

Avatar image for Tuco_az

Master Garrett and Thief 4 FTW I will stop playing whatever it is i am playing and burn it along with every other game disc i own for both my PS3 and 360 when Thief 4 comes out!

Avatar image for tjmic1

i can't believe the amount of people paying out deadly shadows!! it was clearly the best game of the series!! it had the most in-depth storyline, a free-roaming world, the best graphics and by far the best gameplay! if only thief 4 would follow (but expand) on the high standards set in deadly shadows.

Avatar image for BaLlSlAyEr65

<< LINK REMOVED >> Jesus... Play the first two games again.

Avatar image for voisin00fb

As a popular Thief fan will tell you 2 things that made this game popular: 1. Horror 2. Control of the premises you have broken in. ps: dont make silly monsters to hide from. Humans are most harmful.

Avatar image for deactivated-58068e533d0c3

Oh great another thief game I love all the Thief games. Thief gold,Thief the metal age and Thief Deadly Shadows.But sadly they don't play on windows vista.I'am not buying Thief 4 if it does not came with a FIX OR A PATCH so that Thief Gold and Thief The Metal Age and Thief Deadly Shadows run on windows vista.

Avatar image for BaLlSlAyEr65

<< LINK REMOVED >> You can go get the patch from many sites... I believe I got mine from ---> << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for MAT0R0

The teaser does not make any sense to me. But I really really hope that Thief 4 will come out. Thief 3 was kinda dumb. But I thought thief 2 was the best out of the best stealth games ever. Because it makes you think, and there was robots you have to encounter. And they are harder to kill. I gotta say that Thief 2 was the best stealth game of all time. Hopefully in Thief 4, they will bring back the steam-punked robots, and stuff. That would make it a challenging gameplay.

Avatar image for megamaster32

The first one was alright the storyline was good

Avatar image for aldovalera69

I can't wait to see the major graphic improvements from Deadly Shadows to this I WANT THESE GAMES!!

Avatar image for Sargothan

Hey Vince, that was a spam fest? Hehe just joking. I can't wait for this game together with Deus Ex 3.

Avatar image for VinceL

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for robcox1980

To: maven - you know you do have a good point. I'm just a little worried that after the mediocre response from Mirrors Edge (though coming from a thief fan I thought it might had benefited from a few more elements I still thoroughly enjoyed the stealthy goodness) that they are afraid to stick to the nidus of stealth the Thief series implemented so nicely. But as you reminded me eidos has done a respectable job staying true to certain titles despite a record of less than stellar sales. Yeap here's to hope!

Avatar image for guhmoose42

Everyones all like, " this is just a stupid copy of assassins creed" but fyi Thief came first. I still love playing The Dark Project because it was one of the first environmentally interactive games. THIEF 4 FTW!!

Avatar image for Julius777

Exciting. I've always liked the Thief games. I hope they make Garret even more vulnerable, so that tactics really have to be applied. It would be sweet if they got rid of bombs and landmines and required the player to find creative ways to survive and kill, maybe reintroducing the rope-arrow. I would also like to see much more animations and space, a more realistic ratio between garrets position in relation to objects. I'm excited though, as long as it doesn't have SECurom or STEAM requirements, I'm getting the game.

Avatar image for Lord-Raziel

I hope to make more biger city and more things to steal :) and yean Garret need better skin and grafik than Deadly Shadows :s P.S. need and more cool thinks like the whater arow and the gloves

Avatar image for tafferboy21

I hope they make Garret a little cooler looking...he looked really ugly in Deadly Shadows.

Avatar image for vorkosigan97

So what's everybody hoping for in this one? The ending of T3 (Spoiler, obviously) makes it look like Garrett may have an apprentice now. I'm hoping to play as her, with a skill upgrade system like the original Deus Ex. Say, Hide, Move Silent, Blackjack, Bow, Sword, Pick Lock, etc. You could start off being good (but not Garrett-like) in each skill, and eventually progressing to the point where you are even better than Garrett in the things you specialize. Any other cool ideas?

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Actually, DannyC_pt, the Hitman series games also have some built-in features to encourage players to use more stealth and cunning (i.e. pre-scripted) approaches. But, of course, in that game, every mission requires the death of the target(s). So yeah, I would somewhat agree on your statement that the Thief series games motivates the player to use non-deadly approaches. It doesn't hurt to slay or incapacitate enemies when the player can though. The Thief series are guaranteed to be medieval/feudal in terms of theme and premise. The City and its odd mix of religions, technology and culture are the only things that set the Thief series apart from the others that came after it. These, and the City's seemingly obscenely wealthy and very resilient economy (despite Garrett's and others' constant predations on the riches infesting their home, in addition to the various calamities that struck the city in the games).

Avatar image for DannyC_pt

I loved every Thief game. Can't remember any other game that actually motivated the player not to kill anyone. There's a lot of room for this series to grow, but I hope they retain the sense of slow progression from the previous games. Make it huge, dark and scary. And medieval, please!