These Unreal Engine 4 Scenes Are Unbelievably Realistic

Those aren't photographs.


Unreal Engine 4, the game engine from Epic Games that's behind titles like EVE: Valkyrie and Street Fighter 5, has been used to create some amazing projects. New scenes from a UE user, however, might just be the most photorealistic.

User Koola posted a couple of screenshots and a short video from an environment he or she is working on to the Unreal Engine forums, and the results are unbelievable. One of the scenes illustrates a beach and tide pools, and another is of a lava flow. Both look like photographs at first glance, but were actually created entirely within the engine.

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Koola also posted a short video of a flyby of the beach scene, showing off the light's interaction with the environment and the fidelity of the reflections.

UE 4 has had several tech demos in the past showcasing what it's capable of, including the "Infiltrator" tech demo. Recently, a team also put together a real-time demo of a Parisian apartment called Unreal Paris.

You can watch the video of Koola's scene below, which is running real-time in-engine:

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