These Three EA PC Games Now Available DRM-Free on GOG

Three games from the Dragon Age, SimCity, and Dead Space franchises are also currently discounted.


Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, and Dead Space were already available on PC, but if you're interested in DRM-free versions of those games, you can now get them on GOG. And for a period of time, they can be picked up at a discount.

Dead Space and Dragon Age can also be purchased from Steam and Origin; however, SimCity 3000 Unlimited is not available on either of those platforms. Dragon Age's Ultimate edition includes all of the game's expansions and DLC.

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Normally, Dragon Age and Dead Space cost $20 each, while SimCity 3000 Unlimited goes for $10. With the discount, you can pick up Dragon Age and Dead Space for $8 a piece and SimCity 3000 Unlimited for $5. You can click through to the games' pages on GOG through the links below.

Dragon Age: Origins received a score of 9.5 in GameSpot's review for its "intricate, involving storytelling," Dead Space scored a 9 for its "truly terrifying gameplay," and SimCity 3000 Unlimited earned itself a 7.5 for being a "great game to play if you haven't spent much time with the series."

These additions to GOG offer another way to play EA's games, though the company does have its own PC subscription service that offers games for a monthly fee. Origin Access costs $5 a month and includes Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Space, among other EA and non-EA titles. Xbox One has a similar program called EA Access, which can also be subscribed to annually.

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