These Guys Got a Tour of Valve HQ And Have Pictures to Make You Jealous

The team that won a Team Fortress 2 contest visits the acclaimed company's office and details the trip in a series of photos.

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Ever wondered what Valve's headquarters in Bellevue, Washington looks like from the inside? Wonder no more, as today we are given an inside look at the office space where games like Portal and Half-Life are made, thanks to images posted on Imgur (via Reddit).

The images come from the team that won Valve's 2013 "Saxxies" contest with their Team Fortress 2 "Lil Guardian Pyro" short. For their victory, Valve flew them to Bellevue for a tour of the offices and a chance to meet with some designers and get a look at in-development projects.

The images show off Valve's famous desks on wheels, the cafeteria, gym, and motion capture studio. We even get a glimpse at the latest Steam Controller, which was blurred for "reasons." If the guests got to see the rumored Half-Life 3, they didn't write about it or include any images. Oh well. We can still dream.

Is Valve's office everything you hoped it would be? Let us know in the comments below!

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Notice how Valve doesn't have a 3rd floor.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Of course, Valve can only count to 2!!

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I believe the analogue clock in the photo represents the release schedule for HL3.

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I believe the analogue watch in the photo represents the release schedule for HL3.

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Good 'ol rainy Bellevue. I used to office out of there occasionally on the 12th floor of one of those bland cubes referred to as architecture. I do recall that the 10 days out of the year the sun came out I could see the snow covered cone of Mount Rainier way off to the southeast. The natural scenery was just amazingly beautiful. The trees in the area get huge and with all that rain I used to joke I could hear them growing. The only problem for me was that after 6:00 there wasn't a thing to do but drive across the lake to Seattle. Nothing going on in Bellevue but WORK.

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Who cares what the HQ look like, I'm more interested in hearing that they will start on Half Life games.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh they're working on it all right. Just in secrecy. And for a long while now. Thanks to the inspiration of the world of Skyrim, HL3 will have similar aspects like a huge open world with loads of quests. By the time HL3 gets released we'll all be grandpa's and grandma's. Enjoy what's out now and what's been officially announced as coming out soon. :)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> So as I, but not Half Life tho. More cool games...

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Seems like a nice place to work

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The valve gym? LOL.... obviously Gabe Newell is not even aware of that section.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> He is aware of the cafeteria though.

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I like Valve, the company that does nothing but makes millions.

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That Half-Life PC case...............................


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<< LINK REMOVED >> Prob a old XP pc.

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The portal gun and gravity gun... *reaches arm out to the computer monitor*

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golden crowbar...thats the key to the city ;)

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The last picture made me wonder if Gabe ever stepped in his own gym.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> oh cmon, low hanging fruit... and i'm not talkin about his bawls

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@lonesamurai1 @nintendo_police hmm, then someone have to wear his skin or some how moves his body.

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HA. Knew it was an Eddie article before I clicked. Knew it had to Eddie to write such a clickbait article. So predictable.

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Ah yes Valve, quite possibly the most overrated game developer ever.

The only thing they genuinely created on their own and deserve recognition for is Steam and Halflife (which gets overpraised anyway, Metroid Prime kicks its ass comfortably). Everything else, from Portal to Team Fortress to Dota 2 to L4D and beyond have been popular mods being bought out by them.

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@omar_q metroid prime?! your nuts... overrated game developer!? your more than nuts.... they branched out and made a wonderful game service that EVERYBODY is now trying to copy...

and metroid prime!? ugh... fps metroid is an abomination, it shows nintendo sold out during the FPS craze, instead of making unique ideas and games like they said, they sold out

fps metroid is crap, the original games created a genre! and the idiots at nintendo turned it into a fps, and people like you cheer for another mediocre fps

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<< LINK REMOVED >> they are to master of foreshadowing and story, oh I almost forgot, FPS as well

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<< LINK REMOVED >> oh brother, just cause you didn't see any other; doesn't mean they're not there. oh look the team that won is all white. must be a white supremacist conspiracy.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> dude, remember that Minh Le is an Asian and he used to work for Valve. that doesn't sound racism to me

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree and I one measly woman......................... ONE!!!!!!!! what is this Victorian England

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hmmm wish that portal gun worked :p

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<< LINK REMOVED >> How do you know it doesn't? ;)

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Enjoyed looking through the pictures, I like behind the scene stuff :)

grats to the winners!

Now I want to know why did they blur the controller? :P

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Not even 1 girl is those pictures, not jealous.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I believe you are near-blind. no offence

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<< LINK REMOVED >> There actually was a female in one of those pictures. She was an employee at Valve.

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Ok must have missed it.

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Valve is probably the best in the industry right now. They are certainly my favorite.

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Or not.

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