These Gorgeous Game Panoramas Were Captured With the Xbox One's Screenshot Tool

Console update paves the way for beautiful in-game photography.


There's not likely a better way to celebrate the wonderful talents of video game artists than to just stand still and gaze at their work. That's what this Xbox One owner has demonstrated with a collection of beautiful, sweeping in-game panoramas taken with the console's new screenshot tool.

A Reddit user going by the name "Tastybread" has published five sweeping images taken during sojourns across the sun-kissed Himalayas of Far Cry 4 and the brooding alien wastelands of Halo 4.

Take a look at the pictures below (click on each one to view in full screen), while here you can see some other non-panoramic shots the player has taken during their travels.

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Microsoft is preparing to roll out the Xbox One's screenshot tool during the next system update, scheduled for March. But those who participate in the Xbox Preview Program, who are given access to beta builds of Microsoft's firmware updates, have already begun to publish their snapshots online.

The five panoramas were achieved by taking several shots of the same scene, then merging them together on PC using the image tool Autostitch.

"I love the screenshot feature and how it's changing how people perceive how good games can look on the Xbox One," Tastybread wrote.

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