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These Games Influenced Stranger Things [SPOILERS]

A number of video game franchises "seeped into" the hit Netflix show.


This post contains spoilers about Stranger Things

The creators of Netflix's Stranger Things have revealed some of the video games that influenced the hit sci-fi show. Matt and Ross Duffer listed these off in a new interview with IGN, beginning with Silent Hill.

The show's Upside Down area, which is an alternate reality of sorts, is influenced by the Konami horror game. "With all the fog and the forest dripping. Obviously we were really looking at that game for visualizing this other world, so that's a big one," Matt Duffer said. He added that people picked up on the Silent Hill reference the most.

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Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic The Last of Us and From Software's RPG Dark Souls series also influenced Stranger Things. Matt Duffer explains:

"I love [The Last of Us] and the storytelling in that game and a lot of the imagery. We're huge, huge fans of the Dark Souls games, and there's something about when you're playing Dark Souls--immediately when you're in that world, it was to do with the imagery, it has to do with the sound design, and you're just immediately very uncomfortable and on edge. We wanted you to feel that way when you're in the Upside Down."

Matt Duffer went on to say that Stranger Things is likely influenced by even more video games, some of which he may not even be consciously aware of.

"I just know that we do play and have always played a lot of video games so I feel like there is a lot of that seeped into the show," he explained.

Go to IGN to read the full review.

The show itself even contains references to video games, as there is a Christmas morning sequence when a character thinks he's getting a new Atari console.

Stranger Things is set in 1983 Indiana and follows the disappearance of a young boy, as well as a girl with mysterious powers and a government agency that may not be all it seems. A second season has not yet been confirmed, despite reportedly very good ratings, but Matt and Ross Duffer have already spoken about their ambition to make a follow-up season "darker and weirder."

12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown plays Stranger Things lead Eleven, while other child actors round out the group of teenagers who make up the show's main cast. Wynona Ryder, Matthew Modine, and David Harbour also star in the program.

In other news about Stranger Things, Funko has revealed a mock-up Eleven Pop Vinyl figure, and it is perfect.

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