These Game-Themed Socks Are Great, Somehow Not an April Fool's Joke

Super Meat Boy, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Axiom Verge and more all get sock-ified.


In news that appears to be an April Fool's joke but is in fact a real thing, the company behind IndieBox--which sells collector's edition versions of indie games--is now selling a bundle of indie game-themed socks.

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Appropriately called IndieSox, the $25 package includes six pairs of socks, each themed around a different game: Super Meat Boy, Axiom Verge, Luftrausers, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Nuclear Throne, and Ultimate Chicken Horse. The latter is the one you're least likely to know, as it's a new game released in early March. You'll be getting a free copy of it (as opposed to paying $15 on Steam) in addition to the socks.

The $25 asking price (which jumps up to $35 for orders outside the United States) includes shipping. The socks, which should "comfortably fit men's US sizes 6-12," won't begin shipping until July 2016, as they're made-to-order. You have until April 8 to purchase yours.

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