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More Final Fantasy 7 Jigsaw Puzzles Are Up For Preorder At Amazon

Several Final Fantasy 7 jigsaw puzzles are up for preorder, but one has already sold out.


Looking for a way to enjoy Final Fantasy while away from your screen? Then consider checking out the lineup of Final Fantasy jigsaw puzzles arriving later this year. These 1,000-piece puzzles are all inspired by the hit series--but preorders for one have already sold out once before, so you'll need to move fast if you want to reserve a unit before launch.

The majority of puzzles will be released on August 28, though the Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 Puzzle is listed with a January 1, 2025 launch date. Aside from that, they share many of the same specs. This includes 1,000 pieces per puzzle, a unique metallic finish for a premium look, a $35 price tag, and the fact that they're all imports for Square Enix.

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One of the coolest designs is for the Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus Puzzle, as it depicts Vincent Valentine in his iconic red outfit along with a colorful background. If you're not a fan of the Dirge of Cerberus, then you can snag a preorder for the Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Puzzle. When completed, this offers a look at the game's key characters, including Sephiroth, Aerith, and Zack.

There are also two puzzles up for preorder that focus on Advent Children, the feature-length animated film that expanded the world of Final Fantasy 7. One of the puzzles centers on Tifa Lockheart, while the other 1,000-piece kit shows Cloud and Kadaj.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Jigsaw Puzzle is currently sold out, though we're hopeful it'll see a restock in the coming weeks--check back frequently if you're interested.

Keep in mind that none of these products come with a frame, so be sure to pick one that fits your specific puzzle if you want to display your finished masterpiece.

Here's a look at all the Final Fantasy puzzles up for preorder.

Final Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle Preorders

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