These Celebrities Are Promoting Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC on Instagram

Kyrie Irving, Chrissy Teigen, and Coco really want you to know about Awakening.


With the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Awakening expansion this week, Activision's marketing department is spinning into high gear. A number of celebrities, presumably at the request of Activision, this week published posts on Instagram about Awakening and The Replacer, a silly character played by Peter Stormare who takes over your job and life when you're busy playing Call of Duty.

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Some of the celebrities who posted about Black Ops III on Instagram included NBA player Kyrie Irving (4.5 million followers), Chrissy Teigen (4.9 million followers), and Coco (1.8 million followers).

You can see their posts in the image gallery above; Teigen's photo sees Stormare pretending to be pregnant like she is right now.

All of them were published on February 2, the day that Awakening launched for PlayStation 4. It arrived first on PS4 thanks to a new timed-exclusivity arrangement between Sony and Activision. This deal was previously between Microsoft and Activision.

The expansion, the first of four planned paid add-ons for Black Ops III, includes four new multiplayer maps (one of which is a re-imagining of a Black Ops II map) and a new one for Zombies mode. A release date for Awakening on Xbox One and PC has not been announced.

In other news about Black Ops III, a Double Weapon XP event is running through Monday.

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And they're also getting paid to do it. Love you Activision, never change

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Does this garbage actually work? I mean.... are people really influenced by what some ass hat posts on their "social media" ? Are there really human beings this stupid in existence?

"Wow. Peter something or other just posted some paid for endorsement for CoD. I suddenly feel the urge to go throw my money at the straight-from-hell monstrosity that is Activision."

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@datriax: it sadly works quite well

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@datriax: u would be surprised with amount of dumbasses that actually fall for this shit

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Well they get thousands of dollars doing it. On a related note, Chrissy is the most annoying and pointless part of lip sync battle. I don't care about her stupid dances or anything she has to say, just let me watch the guys lip sync!

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Wow some people are retarded, like seriously they said "A release date for Awakening on Xbox One and PC has not been announced." When in reality that is only true for pc, they said 30 days ltr for xbox one. Smh

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@syntaxkt: I agree. She is there just to stand there. I would say and "look pretty" but she isn't that good looking. Though LL Cool J is just as annoying.

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You've gotta really sell out your integrity to shill for Call of Duty DLC.

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Personally, celebrities are more likely to put me off buying something.

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@jinzo9988: Hard to resist that T n A tho.

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Go activision pump that money into marketing to sell your overpriced $15 maps.

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This is actually pretty funny. The best one is John Legend's wife. Chrissy.

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I thought Coco was Conan 0 Brian....I was wrong. ( . )( . )

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@wtf_666: Yes you were :D

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Why should I care what game a celebrity pretends to play?

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@RadPro: Bingo. Exactly what I was going to post.

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With the money they spent on these endorsements they probably could've gave the map pack to most of the people who are still playing for free.