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There's Never Been A Golf Game Like This Before

Cursed To Golf is a "golf-like" sidescrolling adventure that will change the way you look at golf games.


If traditional golf video games are a little too slow or technical for your liking, golf-based adventure game Cursed To Golf may be more your speed. Developer Chuhai Labs describes the game as a "golf-like" in a press release, specifying that it plays like "a golfinated turn-based 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer." There's a lot going on in Cursed to Golf, but the combination looks like a fun one.

The player will take the role of the Cursed Golfer, a golfer who ends up in Golf Purgatory when they are struck by lightning just before winning an acclaimed golf tournament. The only way to ascend from this sport-based purgatory is to golf your way through 18 holes, which really resemble dungeons much more than those on a traditional golf course.

While the core mechanic of the game is still essentially golf, the layout of the levels is pulled directly from side-scrolling platformers, while power-ups and dangerous obstacles change the game. Cursed To Golf also includes roguelike features, with each run through Golf Purgatory pulling from over 80 hand-designed levels, arranging them in a random order for a unique run each time.

Cursed To Golf is due to release in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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