There's More Lance Reddick To Come In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players can expect upcoming performances from Lance Reddick.


Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 players can expect new performances from actor Lance Reddick in the future following the news of his passing at the age of 60.

In a recent blog post detailing this week in Destiny 2, the developer addressed the tragic passing of Lance Reddick, who portrayed Commander Zavala in the game and spoke about his impact on the Destiny community through the years he played the character.

"On Friday, we all learned of the tragic news of Lance Reddick’s passing at the age of 60," Bungie said. "As the voice of Commander Zavala--the stalwart commander of the Vanguard--Lance brought to life a character who has become virtually synonymous with Destiny itself. For nearly a decade, Guardians around the world have found purpose and comfort in Zavala’s presence, bolstered by that unmistakable voice, so full of strength, serenity, and nobility."

Destiny 2's new in-game messsage about Lance Reddick
Destiny 2's new in-game messsage about Lance Reddick

Bungie also acknowledged the tributes from fans over the past few days, which still continue in the game and across social media, saying, "As an actor, musician, gamer, and family man, the passion Lance brought to the things he loved was reflected in the eyes and hearts of all who loved him."

The developer said that it will continue to honor Reddick's presence in the game "through his performances yet to come in the game, and in the memories that will last us a lifetime." In the meantime, it has added the message pictured above when first logging into the game following the release of the new patch.

"We are deeply saddened by his passing but so thankful for the time we spent together, and our thoughts are with his friends and loved ones," Bungie added. "Thank you for everything, Lance. We will miss you."

Lance Reddick was best known for his role in the hit HBO series The Wire as Cedrick Daniels. Over the course of his career, Reddick also starred in the John Wick franchise, the TV series Lost, and a number of blockbuster films like Godzilla vs. Kong. On top of playing a key role in the Destiny franchise, he was also known for his appearance in the Horizon games and Quantum Break.

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