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There's An Awesome, Free Cosmic Horror Movie Streaming On YouTube Now

Watch The Void now for free.


Looking for a little horrifying distraction to transport you to another plane of terror during these self-isolating times? Luckily for you, The Void is now streaming for free on YouTube. And free stuff is especially welcome right now--how about some free games you can download right now, for example?

If you haven't seen The Void, get ready for a wild ride involving a murderous sex cult, teen pregnancy, gory body horror, John Carpenter-esque practical effects, and trippy imagery that will send your mind hurtling through the far reaches of eldritch space. In other words, it's good.

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The Void was written and directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie and partially funded on Indiegogo, where the duo raised $82,510 specifically for the movie's creature effects. Those funds were put to good use, as the film has some of the goopiest, most sickening practical effects since The Thing. If you want to see human bodies transform into skin-flayed Lovecraftian horror shows rife with whipping tentacles and slimy, gaping maws, The Void is your ticket.

The 2016 movie, which was previously available in the US on Shudder, is now streaming on a channel called FilmSelect Trailer, and it seems official, though there's zero context given in the video description. As far as plot, The Void follows a police officer after he takes an injured man to a local hospital where his estranged wife works as a nurse. After several strange events, the hospital is besieged by cultists, and s*** really pops off. We won't say any more--by now you probably know whether this is a movie you're going to enjoy.

And if you can't get enough otherworldly terror, check out our full list of cosmic horror you can stream now, then move on to streaming monster movies.

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